Difference Between Mspace Invisible Grilles And Local Invisible Grills

difference between mspace invisible grilles and local invisible grills As there are multiple options to choose from the market, it might be confusing to choose the right invisible grillfor your home. Apart from ensuring a good view, they also ensure maximum security and fire protection. Onecannot compromise the slightest bit when it comes to the […]

Technical Specifications Of Wall Cushions

Technical specifications of wall cushions Decorating the interior of your house is an amazing and an exciting experience. Even though you may be already tired, the thoughts of ‘what can I do next?’ keep popping inside your head. If you’re tired of the same old wall paintings, wallpapers or paint, look at none other than […]

invisible grills unblock the view

invisible grills unblock the view One of the most important reasons for buildings being built to reach the sky is the view. The higher the building, the better the view. In fact, a penthouse/flat can cost you 10 times the actual price just for the view. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Now it is understandable that we […]

Wall cushions and their specifications

Wall cushions and their specifications Well decorated walls provide far more than a good-looking room, peaceful aura and a colorful patina. They can provide perception and speak volumes about your personality. As time progresses, we are moving ahead from the contemporary era of simple paint patterns, wall papers or metal display pieces to a more […]

association with hilti

Association with HILTI About HILTI Founded in 1941, HILTI is one of the most popular names in the construction and real estate world. It is an international company based out of Germany. It specializes in manufacturing and marketing products for the construction, building maintenance, energy and manufacturing industries to the professional end user. It is […]

alarm system in invisible grills

alarm system in invisible grills The number of skyscrapers keeps increasing with the day. There are high rising buildings, residential constructions, commercial constructions, etc. As the need for more buildings emerges, it also brings with it a major safety concern. All these constructions are always at an impending risk of robbery or intrusion. It then […]

fire evacuation safety alarm in high rises

Fire evacuation safety alarm in high rises With the growing popularity of high rises among people, there is one very unpopular thing that has come up with it. However harsh it may sound; the cost of living in high rises is often paid by people’s lives in case of fires and this is despite the […]

difference between bird nets and invisible grills

Difference between bird nets and invisible grills The high rises in metros are all about living in the zenith. The majestic view, great air circulation and almost zero noise are some of the foremost things that come with it. However, there are some factors, which hinders the joy of living in a high rise. The […]

Carefree Living in Highrises

Carefree living in highrises Someone must have rightly said, ‘home is where your heart is’. Reason why, it becomes important that one finds all the security and safety in the house of their dreams. One that has to offer the best of comfort, luxury and safety for the house owners. This is especially the case […]

Impact Of Invisible Grills Against Airborne Bacteria Through Birds

Impact of invisible grills against airborne bacteria through birds The perks of living in high rises could be many, but one can simply ignore the share of problems that might arise while living in them. Among others, the one that is of utmost concern is the list of flying creatures, specially the pigeons and crows […]