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Best Metal Used For Manufacturing Home Security Grilles in India

Grills offer a wonderful medium of security to your home and business premises. Even in an age of various types of electronic gadgets, the importance of the age-old security grills cannot be overlooked. Grills are installed not only to provide your home with security from buglers and thefts but also to prevent unwanted accidents where small kids are often likely to fall down from open windows or balconies. Many homeowners are switching over to home security grilles in India because of the safety features and aesthetic look which they give.
Let us have a look at different materials used for manufacturing home security grilles in India

Aluminum Window Grills-

Aluminium grills are made from an amalgamation of lightweight and heavyweight metal which helps in keeping the density of aluminum quite low. Aluminum grill is a low maintenance type of grill and works very well for houses made of wood since only low pressure and low tensions are required to be applied to the structure.

Iron Grills-

Iron grills are one of the most preferred home security grilles in India. The heaviness and strength of iron make it one of the most potent types of grills in comparison to any other metal available in the market. However, iron grills don’t perform well in areas with high moisture and humidity and require constant painting and maintenance after installation.

Bright Steel Window Grill-

Bright steel window grills are by far the best quality grills available in markets. The raw material used for manufacturing this grill makes it incredibly tough and impossible for an intruder to break or bend. Apart from being tough, these grills can be welded into any type of design as per the wishes of the customer. Even though bright steel window grills are more expensive than their iron or aluminium counterparts they are a favourite among a lot of bungalow owners. The delicate architecture provided by these grills is well worth the money.


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