Invisible Grill Bangalore

Invisible Grill for Balcony in Bangalore

Bangalore, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant culture, diverse population, and thriving IT industry. As the city continues to grow vertically with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, safety and aesthetics become crucial considerations.

The usage of invisible grills in Bangalore has gained popularity as a modern solution to enhance safety without compromising the view. These grills, made of high-strength materials like stainless steel, provide a transparent barrier, allowing residents to enjoy unobstructed cityscapes from their balconies while ensuring the safety of children and pets.

With the city’s skyline evolving, the adoption of invisible grills reflects a shift towards contemporary safety measures in urban living. As Bangalore embraces technological advancements, the integration of such innovative solutions adds a touch of sophistication to the urban lifestyle while prioritizing the well-being of its residents.

Benefits of Invisible Grill for Window

Easy Maintenance:

Invisible grills need very little maintenance compared to traditional ones. You don't have to deal with complicated welding or painting processes, making maintenance easier. Just regular cleaning is enough to keep the see-through look intact.

Stylish Transparent View:

Enhance the look of windows and balconies with modern see-through invisible grills. Enjoy a clear view without sacrificing safety. The stylish and simple design adds a touch of elegance to the building.

Enhanced Building Aesthetics:

Invisible grills help keep the building looking clean and modern. They provide a clear view, maintaining the structure's architectural integrity. Unlike regular grills that might look big, invisible grills smoothly fit into the building's design, keeping its overall appearance attractive.


Installation Process of Invisible Grill

Step:1 Choose Position and Plan:

Select the desired location for invisible grill installation. Plan the layout considering the aesthetics and safety aspects.

Step:2 Quick Installation Process:

Unlike traditional MS or SS grills, invisible grills offer a swift installation process.

Step:3 Avoid Messy Processes:

Invisible grills eliminate the need for welding, hammering, and painting. Traditional grills often involve messy procedures, while invisible grills maintain a clean installation.

Step:4 Customization Without Compromise:

Invisible grills, made of toughened, nylon-coated marine-grade stainless steel, allow for customization without compromising durability. MSpace, associated with Hilti, ensures the use of globally certified, high-quality equipment.

Step:10 Covering the Structure:

Cover the aluminum channels with another aluminum cap. Close the openings on both sides using waterproof nylon end caps to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Step:11 Post-Installation Cleanup:

Neatly vacuum the installation area to clear any debris or dirt. Leave the environment spot-free, offering an unblocked view of the surroundings.

Step:12 Final Inspection:

Conduct a final inspection to ensure the invisible grills are securely installed and meet safety standards.

Step:13 Enjoy Unblocked Views:

With the installation complete, enjoy an unobstructed view of your environment through the newly installed invisible grills.

Step:5 Precise Measurements:

The installation process involves precise measurements of the area. Customers pay only for the exact amount needed, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Step:6 Materials for Installation:

Common materials include aluminum channels, nylon-coated marine-grade stainless steel, aluminum cover cap, nylon end cap, and rivets.

Step:7 Skeletal Structure Setup:

Install aluminum channels on both ends of the designated area, already fitted with stainless steel screws. These channels form the main skeletal structure for the installation.

Step:8 Cable Winding Process:

Wind marine-grade nylon-coated cables in a zig-zag pattern on the stainless steel screws of the aluminum channel. Form either a vertical or horizontal pattern based on design preferences.

Step:9 Cable Pulling:

Pull and stiffen the cables to ensure a snug fit. This step ensures the structure can withstand substantial force.

Invisible Grill Questions & Answers

MSpace stands out as a top provider of invisible grilles, offering a protective barrier that effectively prevents accidental falls from balconies, ensuring the safety of children and pets. These grilles are meticulously crafted to endure high impact, providing a robust and durable solution.

MSpace stands out as the premier provider of invisible grills, crafting their product from top-notch stainless steel cable (316L GRADE) and enhancing it with a nano-technology membrane to ensure added durability against the effects of wear and tear.

MSpace stands out as the top provider of invisible grills, crafted from premium 316-grade stainless steel cables. These grills are installed in a way that guarantees an unobstructed view of the surroundings while effectively preventing birds from entering, unlike plastic nets.

MSpace stands out as a premier provider of invisible grills, crafting cables from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, ensuring rust resistance and suitability for coastal areas.

The process of installing your invisible balcony grille from MSpace involves securing brackets to the wall and railing. These brackets act as anchor points, strategically positioned to ensure a secure attachment of the grille to the balcony.