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All you need to know about Invisible Grilles for High Rise Apartment

In India, metro cities have witnessed huge scale of high rising apartment. These apartments also need equally good amount of safety in the balcony to avoid any mishap. Since, when it comes to safety thing in the balcony, homeowners prefer going for new style of grilles. The invisible grille is one such safety precaution enclosed to the balconies and windows designed for the sake of homeowners’ safety. Compared to traditional grilles that look bulky and get rusted after few years, invisible grilles with stainless steel body look great and stay longer. There are different designs and types of invisible grilles for high raise apartments in India, which don’t block wind and view. It is the certainly the best investment you can have for your home.

Types of Invisible Grilles- 

As mentioned above, there are two types of invisible grilles for high raise apartments in India-

Open-able Invisible Grille-

Under this, there are types of open-able invisible grilles-bifold, casement, and sliding. They are quite convenient to unlock for easy access.

Fixed Invisible Grille-

This type of grilles is made up of stainless steel cables which are unable to move or open. In short, these are fixed grille.

What makes invisible grilles for high raise apartments in India, a good option-?

They provide safety and security to your home-

This type of grille provides complete safety assurance for balcony or window. It doesn’t just look appealing, but also safeguards children and elderly people. Apartments in India have usual look of thick and coated grills. This is the scenario which is gradually changing over the few years. The gap between grilles is customized accordingly.

Customized to fit different specifications-

These invisible grilles for high raise apartments in India are of highest quality of stainless steel. Usually 316 stainless steel is used because it doesn’t rust after being exposed to harsh climatic condition which some Indian cities face.


Since the demand for invisible grilles for high raise apartments in India is high, you can find some good suppliers like Mspace offering complete service including installation too. Get the best stainless steel grilles installed at your balcony.