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5 Things to consider While Installing Invisible Grills      

Installing invisible grills is a good move especially if you are looking to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home without compromising on the security. Invisible grills blend very well with both contemporary and modern décor and make the area look more spacious and big unlike other traditional grills.

The trend of installing invisible grille in India is gaining good popularity with more and more homeowners investing over it.  Since most of the apartments in India have thick and black coated grills; invisible grilles are making a really good investment.

Installing invisible grille in India is not a very difficult task.However, it is a good idea to be aware of certain mistakes which most customers commit while deciding to install invisible grills. So let us check 5 things you must consider while installing invisible grilles.

  • Keep the Size in Mind-

Invisible grill offers a wide array of customization. If you have pets in home like cats and rabbits, do keep in mind that they can often squeeze themselves through thin spaces. Hence it is necessary that you choose a grill style which will deter them pulling any such acrobatics.

  • Hire Well Known Installers-

There are many companies who offer installation service for invisible grille in India, however, unskilled labor can do a shoddy job and can result in anill-fitting job. So it becomes really important to search for the experienced grill installing company in India.  Check if the company is certified and read testimonials to gain confidence before hiring them.

  • Keep the Décor Of Your House In Mind-

While safety of your kids and pets might be paramount in your head while deciding to install invisible grille, it is important to take your time and think about how the décor of the room and furniture would go with the grills. Choosing a design or style in haste can spoil the entire beauty of your apartment or room.

  • AnalyzeYour Window Size

Invisible grills works best with small window where you have enough wall space to support the rails of invisible grills. Large installations with frames are often not very durable.

  • Be Aware of Your Pricing Options

Invisible grills are available in various types on material which vary in price, durability and need for maintenance. If you are working on a tight budget, it can be a good idea to scan the market for the best possible solution which can match both your budget and requirement.


When you are consider these 5 things, you can confidently go ahead to hire the best grill installing company. Mspace, the leading grill supplier company in Hyderabad helped home owners to get invisible grill installed. They are the leading supplier of invisible grille in India whom you can trust upon.