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What Makes Invisible Grills a Great Choice for Your Home?

If you are feeling really insecure in your home or live alone, then installing grills can really help you to feel more secure. They are inexpensive, strong and difficult to break through. However, many people do not like the look of grills on their windows and balcony, which makes them feel claustrophobic. If you are one of them you can opt for invisible grill for apartment’s balcony in India, which offers all the safety features of normal grills and also don’t give a claustrophobic feeling.

Here are five reasons which make invisible grills an awesome choice.

Invisible Grills Are Rust Proof

Invisible grills are made from stainless still and are encased within a coating of plastic or rubber for extra protection. While ordering invisible grill make sure you get them made from 316-grade steel, which is rust proof. The other varieties are susceptible to the hazards of weather.

Invisible Grills Can Be BothFixed and Movable

Invisible grills are mounted on walls using cables and can be moved after installation. They are a great addition in balconies without existing window structures and in certain type of condoniums. However, the fixed variety cannot be installed on fake walls or on wooden walls. In case you are looking for the movable variety, you can opt for casement or sliding invisible grilles that are installed on a casement window or a sliding window. This gives owners the flexibility to open or close their doors as per their convenience.

Invisible Grills Are Hardy-

f you are feeling apprehensive about the safety feature of your invisible grill for apartments balcony in India,  then you will be glad to know that a mere 2mm grill can withstand a load of 180 kgs and cut be cut with normal scissors.

They Offer a Huge Range of Customization Offer-

Invisible grills offer a lot of customization option to customers regarding the gap of their placements to ensure proper safety of small children and kids.

Invisible Grill Can Also Act as a Decorative Feature

Many homeowners use them as decorative feature and as planter support to create a beautiful cascading flower garden.


If you are living in an apartment and want to install invisible grill at your balcony then Mspace is the right company to approach. They offer full fledge installation of invisible grill for apartments balcony in India with wide range of options to choose from.