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Seamless Strength Metal Grills For Staircases

staircase invisible grillsesAbout MSpace

MSpace is a well-organised and recognised manufacturer and importer of invisible grills, wall cushions and motorised blind engines. They import invisible grills from Le Home Concepts which is a Singapore based company specialised in Seamless Strength invisible metal grills.

Importance of grills

Grills are one of the most reliable security solutions for domestic and business places. In India, security is one of the most important things. Grills are used in balconies, staircases, terraces etc. MSpace provides with stylish and safety grills that match to the modern interiors. It provides with ss metal grills for staircase in India, which is a designer and secure way of keeping your children and pets away from danger.

The elaborate and classy interior of your house often gets dull with the traditional bulky grills on staircases but seamless strength metal grills in India help to make your house/office look spacious without compromising on security and elegance of your home or office. It can help prevent accidents and does not compromise on your view.

The ss metal grills for staircase in India are made from 316 stainless steel cables of 2.0 mm diameter and can support tensile impact up to 400 kg. The cable difference can be chosen as per your choice, ranging from 2”, 3” and 4” inches of distance between rope to rope. The cables can be arranged in vertical or horizontal connections.


  • They help in beautifying the home by keeping the security factor in mind.
  • They are anti-rust and therefore do not need much maintenance.
  • They provide unblocked view and make the place look visually pleasing.
  • They help provide support and stability while climbing stairs, especially to kids and old people.