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ss window grillesEvery year in India, many tragedies happened where children fall out of the windows and balconies. Thus, balcony grills can keep children from falling out of the balcony. Many organisations were finding a solution for such a long time until the Invisible Grilles were invented by MSpace to overcome various issues. MSpace provides you with a new product for windows and balcony guards. This an affordable way to prevent children and pets from falling off the balcony.

Now, as you all may know most burglaries happen when there is no one at home. This is scary since the crimes nowadays happen while you are having sweet dreams at night. MSpace found the solution to prevent worse scenarios from happening. They’ve brought you the special design of stainless steel invisible grill with the latest technology that comes in with “Built-in” alarm system. It provides tight security for your home without impairing your home-design to provide maximum security with minimum hassle.

Various features

  • The stainless steel window grill price in India will fit in the budget of a person.
  • The Invisible Grilles for balconies with safety guards are so fine that they are almost invisible to your bare eyes.
  • They enable you to have better scenery view from inside the balcony, yet still, maintain the beauty of the building.
  • MSpace company has great varieties ranging from the ordinary aluminium or iron grills to stainless steel window grills.
  • MSpace uses recent technology to build these grills.

Advantages of grills

  • The product is highly durable and able to last for at least 20 years and above.
  • Not just for windows or balconies, invisible grilles can be used as a design feature too.
  • They do not rust like ordinary grilles, they are tidy and stylish.
  • It can incorporate alarm systems for security.
  • Invisible grilles are hard.