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But the best MSpace transparent staircase grills

About the company

MSpace is one of the renowned companies which provide products like invisible railings, invisible grille for balcony, invisible grills for the staircase in India. It is one of the recognised manufacturer and importer of invisible grills, wall cushions and blind motor engines.


Staircases are an element of beauty and an important requirement for safety. In a home, the staircase is one of the essential elements. It helps in making your home or office look aesthetical and classy. With the increasing trend of interior designing, there is an increase in the use of transparent staircase grills in India. This grill is made by combining 316 stainless steel cables which have a diameter of 2.0mm. These cables can help in supporting the tensile impact of about 400kgs. The arrangement of these cables for the staircase grill can be according to the best suitable pattern for your place. You can choose to arrange these grills in a vertical or horizontal manner according to your choice. MSpace helps you assure your safety and security by providing stylish transparent staircase grills in India.


  • It is important to secure the security of your children and pets while they move along the stairs. Transparent staircase grills are solid and help to make the staircase safe and stylish.
  • You can use transparent staircase grills in India to make your workplace or home looks aesthetical and spacious. These grills look visually pleasing to the viewer and are one of the safe security solutions.
  • The transparent grills for the staircase in India provided by MSpace are anti-rust and have next to no maintenance.
  • The transparent grills provide you safety without sacrificing your view. They do not block the view.
  • They can be easily fitted and are quick to install.