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How to Choose the Right Window Security Grilles for Your Home

Grills are used all over the world by people who need a little bit of extra security. Window grills can be a perfect accent to any home. Installing window security grilles in India is an old practice, which is still in vogue. Companies have come up with new designs and materials to manufacture grills from time to time.  These windows grilles are also available in invisible type to choose and install. They look really appealing and enhance the overall look of your space.

Let us look at some of the ways in which you can choose among the best window security grilles in India for your space-

Type Of Materials – If you are looking for strong grills which can provide good ventilation and is also easy on the pocket aluminium grills should be your first choice. Aluminium grills don’t rust and unlike iron grills and can be cleaned pretty easily. However, if you are apprehensive about the security of your home, choosing wrought iron grills can be a good choice, since they are very hard and are difficult to break through.

The Function Ability Of The Grills – The most common type of window security grilles in India is the swung out or hinged grill. These grills can be opened like a door and are an excellent choice in case of a fire outbreak or any other emergency. Sliding grills is another popular variety which is chosen by people who suffer from space crunch.

Customization– Irrespective of whether you are choosing iron or aluminium grills, both these varieties can be customized to match the overall décor of the house. You can choose between heart-shaped structures for your garden house property to more simple horizontal structures if you are living in an apartment.  You can easily customize different window security grilles in India.

The Size Of The Grills – If you are a person who loves fresh air and is more concerned about the aesthetics of your house, big and wide spaced grills should be your ideal choice. However, if you are concerned about the security of your home, small grills with fewer gaps in between can be a good choice.

Colour – Last but not least the colour of the grill play an important role in determining the beauty of your overall house or apartment. The most commonly used colures available in the market for aluminium grills are coated powder colour and metallic colours. However, if you are choosing wrought iron grills you can get them painted in any colour of your choice.


Window security grilles in India are certainly an important investment for homeowners. If you are looking for new designs and high quality window security grilles then connect with Mspace for supplying and installation service.