10 Benefits Of Having A Balcony

The idea of a home with a balcony is liberating. In the cramped cityscape these days, having one can be a bliss. There are multiple benefits of having a balcony which directly affects your perception and health. Here are the top benefits of having a balcony in your home:

Ample light

As compared to a regular window, a huge balcony will help allow a large amount of light into your living space. The entry of natural light can boost your productivity and also maintain freshness in your home. Sunlight also provides Vitamin D, so now you know where to spend your mornings.

A place to work

Whether it is your work-from-home routine or your focused study session, you can take an advantage of the nature around your building. You can enjoy the fresh air and still finish your assignments and reach your deadlines.

Good for health

Spending ample time outdoors has been known to benefit your immune system, improve eyesight, minimize stress, boost productivity and enhance your creative mind. You can spend your mornings and evenings chilling in your balcony. Sip your chai, listen to music and simply escape from the world.

Grow plants

Having a balcony can help you endeavor your dreams. Did you think that you could never pursue your passion of farming? Use your balcony to create a make shift garden for yourselves. You can not only grow plants for aesthetics but also herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Host a party

You can impress your friends and family with a cozy private space full of greenery and sparkly lights. Set up a barbecue and a bench to serve your food and drinks. Sit and gossip or simply stargaze, the opportunities are endless.

Your pets will love you

Your pets probably need twice as much as fresh air you need. All of day of running around the house and straight to bed in the balcony. It will not only please your pet but also reduce its stress and anxiety. Pets tend to be the happiest when they have ample amount of time outdoors. Plus, you probably don’t have to walk your pet every single day.

Cooler interior

Summer in India can be as hot as hell. A wide balcony full of plants will give you a lot of ventilation and cool down the temperature of your interiors by several degrees.


One can only emphasize on the benefits of daily exercise. We all know how beneficial exercising is, to our mind, body and soul. Feeling lazy going to the gym? Lay a yoga mat in your balcony and crunch away. Not only will you meet your fitness goals but also feel refreshed working outdoors.

Aesthetics to your building

A building with a balcony looks much more aesthetic as compared to a building without one. A building with a balcony simply looks much more spacious and huger.

Dry your clothes and everything else

Hang a clothes-line across your balcony to quickly dry your clothes after washing. Save up on electricity and cut down on your dryer. Do you smoke? Go light one in the balcony and keep your home tobacco free.

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