Our vision is to build trust by establishing a long term relationship with all our customers.

Our Mission is to provide safety and security to residential and commercial constructions through our products and services with outstanding benefit.

Our values are to provide quality and safe products with solutions.

MSPACE, has been established in India on January 2018 and since then we have finished 2000+ projects all over India. MSpace deals with invisible grilles, wall cushion and blind engine and many other such luxurious interior products. Our company is true to its name modern space which is well recognized nationally as an imported and integrated solution provider, for our products.



Invisible Grilles:

This product provides style, safety and security. They are installed in windows, balconies and stairs which will give an aesthetical value to the building structure in return adding safety to the kids moving around the place. There is an alarm system installed to the grilles in case of security which resonates a loud noise when Grilles are damaged in any possible ways.

Wall Cushions:

These are luxury PU leather cushions which are installed on wall as well as ceiling using silicon glue. The lush and magnificent PU leather cover is water proof and fire retardant with the foam inside being sound and termite proof. They are available in variant color and texture options which can also be customized as per the requirement. The cushions once installed can be peeled and reinstalled in a different place.


Blind Engine:

It is a smart device used to operate the curtain movement especially for the roller blind system. Once the device is fixed to the wall and attached to the blinds thread, it can be operated with the phone through Wi-Fi. One such example is where you can set alarm to raise the curtains at a particular time and also turn the blinds to an angle so as to let in abundant amount of sunlight. All of this in just few clicks or voice control.


Till date MSpace has a total of 7 franchisees for invisible grilles and 1 for wall cushion, covering the states given below.

All the above states have joined MSpace in 2019 and are developing consistently.





( Mr. Satish Kumar )

Mr. Satish Kumar is the founder and CEO of MSpace. He has delivered immense hard work in developing and promoting the company as a brand. His ability to convert the space using contemporary ideas and modern technology irrespective of various challenges have boosted the companies’ progress.


Managing Partner

( Mr. Y Shiva Kumar Reddy )

Yella Shiva Kumar Reddy is a Business Entrepreneur from Hyderabad. He has explored business interests in his early career establishing YLR Gardens, YBR Transports. Mr Reddy is a qualified Graduate in Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering in Highway Engineering and pursuing PhD in the same field. He previously served with IVRCL Pvt as Assistant Engineer, Sushee Infra Pvt Ltd and Gubba Cold storage.With a strong perception, he has entered into the Business of Interiors by working with Mspace India dealing with products such as Invisible Grilles, wall cushions and other smart interior products. Being a part of Mspace and an expert in business development skills, he is now in the process of exploring the market and ensuring his customers, to provide the best services.



( Miss. Anusha Lavudya )

Providing a design as per customer’s requirement while not compromising on the technicalities is profoundly tough. Among the finest team of designers our architect is here to customize and facilitate the designs as per client’s requirement, balancing both aesthetics and structure.



( Mr. Urumaiah )

Our installation team is extensively talented and experienced. They are trained from Singapore and, are on the field since past nine years. They can install the products irrespective of any challenge, as they have been trained considering all the complications in a built structure.

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