Everything you need to know about Invisible Grille!

What is an Invisible Grille?

Invisible grille is a modern window grilling system that is meant to provide all the benefits of a traditional window grill and much more. It is an innovative system designed to safeguard your homes from the inside out, protecting inhabitants from accidentally tipping over and keeping external factors like robbers, birds and other obstructions at bay.

Additionally, invisible grille offers a completely unblocked view of the horizon from your window/balcony. Unlike traditional grills that tend to be oversized and bulky, invisible grilles are almost ‘invisible’ when it comes to enjoying the view from your building. Being sleek and slim, they also offer a modern outlook to your building.

What are the technicalities of MSpace Invisible Grilles?

High-quality material – MSpace Invisible Grilles only uses 316-marine grade stainless steel in the manufacturing of invisible grille. MSpace is the only provider in the market with a 316 grading.

High-tensile strength – MSpace invisible grilles are strengthened up to 438 kilo tensile strength.

International certifications – MSpace invisible grilles come pre-certified with TUV (TUV Nord Group), SETSCO, DAS and several other certifications from rigorous testing.

Nylon coated – MSpace invisible grilles are coated with a fine layer of nylon which retains the consistency in quality over a long period of time. It is a class apart from competition which uses plastic coating instead of nylon.

HILTI accessories – MSpace invisible grilles are paired only with HILTI’s accessories which include the fasteners, HY270 chemical and other accessories. It further reinforces the installation of invisible grilles.

Alarm system – MSpace invisible grilles also come with an integrated alarm system developed with innovative technology that will help you keep unwanted guests at bay. If any single grill out of the total number of grills installed is to be cut or even meddled with, a powerful alarm will start sounding alerting you and the neighbors of a potential incident.

Where can you use invisible grilles?

According to us, invisible grills play an integral aspect in the transformation of a city. With technology taking over the world, the Indian cityscape isno laggard at any area of growth. Be it iconic skyscrapers, commercial buildings, shopping malls, luxury residences and much more, we have got it all. As a cherry on top of the cake, MSpace invisible grilles are here to complement the outlook of any building that you may imagine.

For the advanced world, one requires an advanced window and balcony protection system that is aimed at offering multiple benefits. From unblocked views, prime protection, building aesthetics, low maintenance, innovative alarm systems and more, MSpace invisible grilles check all boxes at just a fraction of the price.

As a thriving construction company competing against cut-throat products, MSpace invisible grilles have been developed with the future in mind. Owing to our team working day and night, we have developed a product that can be installed at any kind of application.

Our invisible grilles are well suited for high-end sophisticated buildings as well as for those on a budget. Furthermore, it offers limitless applications and innumerable customizations to complement different designs and requirements. Generally, invisible grills are preferred for outdoor installations like balconies, windows or patios. While that works flawlessly, one can also install MSpace invisible grills indoors. It will complement your interior design effortlessly.

Invisible Grills for Balcony in High rise flats or Villas

Safety is the number one priority during any kind of construction. One does not want to live in a home/building that compromises the safety of its inhabitants. Whether it is children, senior citizens or pets that reside in your home, they all pose a risk if you do not have a robust window grill system installed in your building.

With a 400+ kilo tensile strength, MSpace invisible grilles have got just what you need to terminate any potential risk from falling over. It also prevents robbers and other unwanted guests from entering your home from the outside.

MSpace invisible grilles are installed at a grill gap such that not even children can go through the gaps between each grill. Moreover, you also get the option to choose variable gap lengths whether you like it set apart at a wider or narrower spacing. Additionally, you can also choose to install invisible grilles vertically or horizontally. Sometimes, you can also choose whether you want movable or fixed installations.

Invisible Grills for School Safety

“An accident won’t arrive with a bell on its back”. A school full of children is a hotspot for mischief, laughter and most importantly, dangerous accidents. It’s a common story every month that we hear about at least one fatal incident at a school. At the least, your children deserve a space that is well safe-guarded and protected to prevent any accidents.

Installing invisible grilles at your school is the most straightforward solution to preventing any such incidents. It is a tried and tested product that has been certified globally after rigorous testing. At the same time, you rid your school of bulky bars of steel allowing your students to be a step closer to the environment and enjoy the view outside. It will not only keep the classrooms fresh but also the minds of your children.

With innovative engineering and HILTI’s fasteners, there is absolutely no chance of invisible grilles losing their strength even if they are especially prone to naughty children pushing, pulling or doing both at the same time. Although they look fragile, MSpace invisible grilles are made using superior materials which prevents them from being cut using regular scissors. Also, the sleek grills allow for ample sunlight to enter your classrooms keeping it well luminated throughout the day.

Invisible Grills for Hospitals

The benefits of invisible grilles can also be greatly appreciated by hospitals. The main benefit is obviously the unblocked view that the invisible grilles offer. To feel like a prisoner would be the last thing for a patient to feel at your hospital. With an unblocked view, your hospital will tend to feel airier and more ventilated enabling a more positive atmosphere for you and your patients.

Invisible grilles coated with nylon sheathing will prevent any kind of menace from pigeons and other birds preventing them from defecating on your premises and spreading unwanted diseases. It also terminates the need for any kind of maintenance allowing you to cut costs.

MSpace invisible grilles are also fire retardant, meaning that you don’t have to look for further clearances before choosing to install them at your hospital. Due to their sleek nature, they also provide a more contemporary look to your hospital. Made with the highest quality materials, they are as strong as the spirits of the doctors at your hospital.

 MSpace has been a widely preferred manufacturer for invisible grilles in the country.

MSpace Invisible Grille makes no compromises on safety or quality, ensuring that invisible grills are as strong as possible. If you’re considering window or balcony grills, now is the time to contact MSpace. Drop in an email at or call us at +91 9177737863.

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