Is The Invisible Grill Strong?

The invisible grill is a new technology that has taken the role of the traditional grill. The term comes from the fact that these grills are invisible to the human eye from a distance. Invisible grilles are now often used to safeguard young children and pets in high-rise residential units and commercial buildings. For safety purposes, the invisible grille is a fantastic option.

While the primary objective of the invisible grill is to offer you an unobstructed view of the nature, it also aids in the façade and the safety of your building, protecting unwanted guests/robbers from entering your premises and preventing any inhabitants falling over from your high-rise building.

For a product that claims to be too many things at once, it is natural to ask questions like – “Is the invisible grill strong? Will it actually protect me and my family members?”

Thankfully, the answer is Yes. Invisible grills are the best way to protect your balconies while maintaining their safety, visibility, and ease of maintenance. Here’s why:

More often than not, the strength of your invisible grills also depends on the installation site. If being installed on old, water damaged walls, the invisible grills may not cure to their maximum potential. With our vast experience and expertise in the manufacture of invisible grills, we meet your customized requirements and help prepare the installation site for the ‘strongest invisible grills’.

MSpace’s invisible grills are made stronger with the best quality fasteners and installation processes, which are strengthened with HILTI’s newest technology. We utilize the HILTI HY270 chemical to attach the invisible grills to your slabs and establish long-lasting bindings between all the structural components used in the installation.

During the very first site inspection, we determine if the job site is suitable for installation or whether there are structural deformities that make your site practically impossible for the installation of MSpace Invisible grills. If necessary, reinforcement bars will be used to ensure that the installation is strong and future-proof, avoiding damage from cracks, fissures, or even air gaps.

MSpace makes no compromises on safety or quality, ensuring that invisible grills are as strong as possible. If you’re considering window or balcony grills, now is the time to contact MSpace – send us an email at or give us a call at +91 9177737863.

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