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Difference between MSpace and Competitors Cable

MSpace (Cable)

  • 316 marine grade stainless steel

    MSpace uses 316 marine grade stainless steel for the cables which are completely anti rust

  • Melted Nylon Coating

    Melted nylon coating gives protection from external weather conditions and safe for tender hands.

  • 7*7 Nano Technology

    Manufactured with 7*7 marine grade and 1.7mm ss 316 cable with 0.3mm nylon coating.

  • 400 Kg Tensile Impact

    After installation the cable can take 400 kg's

  • Certified Product from Singapore

    All the material are certified from Singapore after passing many quality test.

  • Parent company (LeHome)

    MSpace collaborate with LeHome from 2018 a well known Singapore company, LeHome Concepts.

  • Associated with Hilti

    MSpace associated with Hilti as a hardware partner.


Competitors (Cable)

  • Made of 304 SS and iron

    Cables made with a made of 304 SS and iron which start rusting after a point of time

  • PVC / No coating

    Cables have Teflon, PVC or no coating over it which can be damaged easily.

  • 1 X 12 / 1 x 22 Strands of cable

    12 or 22 strands are looped making a diameter of 2 mm and more.

  • 180 - 250 kg Tensile impact

    The cables have the maximum tensile of taking 180 - 250 kg impact.

  • Non certified material

    No certifications mentioned from any company and not certified to any quality test.

  • Parent company not known

    No parent company mentioned nor any authenticity of product imported.

  • Local product

    Competitors use local product which is manufactured in india.