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Invisible Grilles – Seamless Strength

Safety and security should never be compromised at any cost. M Space stands always a step ahead for Innovative solutions. Decorum,safety,transperancy,strength and invisibility are the salient features of M Space Invisible Grilles.

Why Choose M Space Invisible Grilles

Are you tired of the traditional bulky grilles and looking for a grille to fit into the modern concept of interior design. Here is the solution from M Space. Invisible Grille is the perfect solution for a safer and secure house. The salient features of Invisible Grilles are upto the expectations of modern thinking.

316 stainless steel 2mm cable is capable of supporting tensile impact up to 400 kg. Our invisible grilles are safe for your children and pets, without obstructing your view!

The cable distance can be 2”,3”& 4” inches, installation can be vertical or horizontal.


Invisible Grilles for Balcony

Sitting in the balcony, sipping a hot cup of tea, Listening to the birds chirping, Watching the rising sun, indeed heavenly!!!

Invisible Grilles for Windows

Now the impulse wont go away “Distracted by Traditional Grilles” you’d say because you don’t see anything, its just between windows and you. Wait till it rains again and the fog is erased!!!

Invisible Grilles for Staircase

We begin with the invisible Grilles Stairs. Steps are beautiful, but sometimes a little intimidating.

Invisible Grilles for Railings

Our exterior railings are built for all the seasons because of 316 grade stainless steel which required ‘ZERO’ Maintance and almost invisible to the eye.

“The alarm system which is integrated with these grilles is also available in the market to provide you further safety and protection, making it the best safe and secured grille.

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Botanika garden Hyderabad
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Delhi project staircase
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Mumbai borivili

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