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Difference between MSpace and Competitors Cable

MSpace (Cable)

  • 316 marine grade stainless steel

    MSpace uses 316 marine grade stainless steel for the cables which are completely anti rust

  • Melted Nylon Coating

    Melted nylon coating gives protection from external weather conditions and safe for tender hands.

  • 7*7 Nano Technology

    Manufactured with 7*7 marine grade and 1.7mm ss 316 cable with 0.3mm nylon coating.

  • 400 Kg Tensile Impact

    After installation the cable can take 400 kg's

  • Certified Product from Singapore

    All the material are certified from Singapore after passing many quality test.

  • Parent company (LeHome)

    MSpace collaborate with LeHome from 2018 a well known Singapore company, LeHome Concepts.

  • Associated with Hilti

    MSpace associated with Hilti as a hardware partner.

Mspace Invisible Grill cable

Competitors (Cable)

  • Made of 304 SS and iron

    Cables made with a made of 304 SS and iron which start rusting after a point of time

  • PVC / No coating

    Cables have Teflon, PVC or no coating over it which can be damaged easily.

  • 1 X 12 / 1 x 22 Strands of cable

    12 or 22 strands are looped making a diameter of 2 mm and more.

  • 180 - 250 kg Tensile impact

    The cables have the maximum tensile of taking 180 - 250 kg impact.

  • Non certified material

    No certifications mentioned from any company and not certified to any quality test.

  • Parent company not known

    No parent company mentioned nor any authenticity of product imported.

  • Local product

    Competitors use local product which is manufactured in india.




Rahul Chowdhury

Security doors are very much important for a safety home. When you have a secured home then you will have peace of mind. Mspace provides us with that comfort by installing security grills for doors and windows.

Eddie J.Logan

MSpace nicely does our luxury grill. The workmanship is very good. The team is very responsive, efficiency & helpful. Expert came down personally to help us do measurement & provide quotation. They are really great in terms of customer service and quality of grill they installed.

Aman kumar

I contacted MSpace based on reviews I had read online. True to word, the team of workers did an excellent job with my windows and grills recently. Efficient, on schedule, accommodating and friendly. We are really pleased with the work done. Would we recommend? Yes!!

Rahim Arafat

This invisible grille is amazing! I have always hated the chunky and shabby looking iron grille but couldn’t sacrifice the safety either. MSpace window grille is nylon coated and way better in finishing as compared to the iron bars. Looks good, does the job, what else do I want?

Rakhi Saxena

My apartment feels so fresh and airy! I have begun opening my windows only after MSpace security grilles for windows have given me the confidence. Impeccable quality and oh so liberating!