Invisible Strength with Visible Gorgeous Views

Key Features of MSpace Invisible Grills

Restricted Bird

Anti Corrosion


Fire Evacuation




Unblocked View

No Maintenance



What’s Visible is Seamless, what’s Invisible is Strength.

Tired of the mundane grilles that everyone else has? Elevate your security without compromising style with MSpace’s Invisible Grilles. These stainless-steel cable grilles offer a modern alternative to traditional metal grilles. While popular in Singapore for the past decade, they have now arrived in India through MSpace India. Our Indian design for balcony safety grills is discreet and unobtrusive.

Why You Should Choose MSpace Invisible Grilles Over MS Grills

Mspace Invisible Grills

Traditional Grills



Mspace cables are made with 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, which is entirely rust-proof and also suitable for coastal regions.


Being made of iron, they can rust over a point of time on continuous exposure to sun and moisture, affecting their longevity.



Mspace cables are made with 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, which is entirely rust-proof and also suitable for coastal regions.


Being made of iron, they can rust over a point of time on continuous exposure to sun and moisture, affecting their longevity.

Kids Safety


Made with 100% chemical free materials, they are completely safe for your kids to play with. They are safe even if your kids/pets fancy licking them.


These grills rust easily and paint can be seen chipping off from the exterior. It can be harmful for your kids to play with and almost fatal when ingested.

View Design

Great unobstructed view

Being only 2 mm in diameter, you can enjoy an unhindered view from your high rise building windows or balconies.

Spoils your view

Being thick in nature, they prevent you from enjoying the panoramic view from your window or balcony.



You can easily clean without using any cloth by merely pulling the strings of the grill to jerk off the dust.

Tough to maintain

The only way to clean your grills is by wiping with a piece of cloth or some other duster, making it a tedious job.

Fire safety


In case of a fire, you can easily evacuate by cutting the cables using a wire cutter.

Hard To Cut

Does not serve as an emergency exit at all during a fire or any other mishap.

Interior Looks


Believe it or not, invisible grills enhance your home’s interiors and are aesthetically stylish, giving a modern look to your space.


Being traditional in nature, they don’t improve the face value of your space. Additionally, they make your balcony and windows boring and outdated.

Why MSpace Invisible Grilles

If you are contemplating a Family Safety and Security by Invisible Grill invisible balcony design, you need not be concerned. MSpace offers the greatest and most premium invisible grilles available in India. If you opt for MSpace Invisible Grilles, your home will be safer and more secure than with any other option.

When compared to traditional grilles, invisible grills are a system in which high tensile, heavy-duty marine-grade stainless steel cables of a thickness of 2mm, 316 S.S marine grade, with transparent nylon casing, are fixed vertically or horizontally at a particular distance, the distance could be of 2, 3, and 4inches as needed within a structural framework, forming a very safe shield-like structure.This system offers excellent security.

Our Premium Invisible Grilles have a load bearing and compression load capability of more than 400 kg, are paint free, require no upkeep, and obstruct little to no view. Compared to the typical commercially available 7 by 7 cables used by others, 12 +1 combination stainless steel cables were chosen for their strength (greater breaking strength).

In comparison to the thinner 7 by 7 cables balcony window grill, the lower number of greater diameter cables in our 12 +1 cables are stronger and less flexible.

Our Premium Quality Speeks

We never lose sight of the fact that every one of our customers has unique demands. We have been successful in this industry for such a long time because we adhere to stringent quality requirements. Maintaining our products’ high quality is, in our opinion, of the utmost significance if we hope to remain competitive in this industry for an extended period of time. As a result, we place a strong emphasis on preserving the quality standards to the highest possible degree.

What You Can Expect With MSpace Invisible Grills

From the safety and security of your apartment, you may enjoy an unobstructed view of the world outside with MSpace Invisible grill . Our grill does not block the view, so if your property is in a scenic place, you may continue to take pleasure in the scenery every time you fire it up. The sleek and contemporary design of your home is now possible with the MSpace Premium Invisible Grill. Because they are not cumbersome, setting them up requires little effort. The desired aesthetic can really stand out and be appreciated from the outside in this way.

Our Expertise in MSpace

In high-rise flats, condominiums, and offices, invisible grilles are a prevalent feature in the ventilation systems. The 316 stainless steel that makes up our Invisible Grille has a PVC covering encasing it for protection. Due to the fact that this variety of steel does not corrode easily, it does not need to be maintained. The MSpace Invisible Grille is designed to be virtually undetectable from a distance and to blend in perfectly with any background, in contrast to conventional grills. It does not obstruct your breathtaking view and offers your family an additional layer of safety.
Invisible Fixed Grilles, Fixed Framed Grilles, and Openable Grilles are the three main categories of these security features.Each of these has a specific area of use.

Invisible Grilles Application Areas

Magnificient & Maintained

People are changing the way they live to include more luxury and higher-rise apartments, which is a new trend; however, safety is the most crucial factor that needs to be considered when doing so. The ideal answer for a worry-free, safe, and fashionable lifestyle in high-rise residences like these is the installation of invisible grilles. Invisible grilles, which are frequently seen in high-rise flats, condominiums, and workplaces, are constructed with extraordinary elasticity and high tension in order to guarantee the highest possible level of safety and sturdiness.

Protected Yet Unblocked

A location that gives the health and well-being of its patients and the members of their families the utmost importance when it comes to safety concerns. Invisible grilles are regarded as having the highest likelihood level for security in all elements concerned; in addition, they permit a panoramic view that is unobstructed when looking out into the world.

Invincible Yet Soft

For the sake of the children’s utmost safety, the preschoolers who are allowed to play on the school grounds should be given total safety and assurance. While youngsters are moving around, an invisible grille is the ideal variable to regulate all of the mishappenings and mishaps that might occur due to a variety of different factors.

Unobstructed and Cherished Views
The apertures in commercial spaces are expansive and elegant, while the spaces themselves offer a variety of design elements and varying levels. Regardless of the presence of any such feature, the installation of invisible grilles makes the area safer for humans and moreuser-friendly. These grilles offer the highest level of protection possible, while also lending an air of refined sophistication to the structure.

Grand and Magnificent
Renovating the original architecture of a building in order to accommodate a variety of different interior design schemes is an essential part of hotel design. Not only do invisible grilles make a structure look more elegant, but they also add a layer of security while maintaining its modern aesthetic. The incorporation of invisible grilles into the architectural design of the hotel results in the building having a look that is both the safest and the most aesthetically pleasing one possible. Invisible grilles are an innovative and fashionable product in and of themselves.

Sleek and Secure
The lavish home often takes the form of a villa, which is an independent design that offers privacy. However, security is an essential component of any luxurious home. Not only do Invisible Grilles add a wonderful textural element to the interiors of the villa, but they also assist the safety elements that are installed there to offer an appropriate level of security

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