Tradtional vs Invisible grills

mspace traditional grills vs invisible grills

Building a house of your dreams, or an office or even a hospital for that matter, is surely not a cakewalk, for it comes with a long list of things to be done in terms of interiors. Among others, one of the most important things that any construction requires is the sense of security for you and your dear ones. So, one very important aspect that goes into building the security system of any structure is, ensuring that you have picked up the right grilles. This would ensure keeping everyone safe from falling or keeping unwanted people away, Invisible Grilles do it all.

However, it is important to understand what is best to suit your need. While many go for the traditional grilles, it is of utmost importance to know as well as understand that there is a choice of Invisible grilles – ones that ensure safety along with aesthetics to the construction. Invisible grilles, unlike the traditional ones, allow you to have an unobstructed view, a view that every house owner longs for while looking out of the window, a view that adds to the glory in your office, a view that beautifies a commercial space. Also, worth the mention, invisible grilles as compared to traditional grilles don’t rust, thus making them a lifelong asset, and most importantly something that saves the maintenance cost which comes with traditional grilles.

Hyderabad based, MSPACE is a name synonymous with invisible grilles. As their motto ‘What’s visible is seamless, What’s invisible is strength’,MSPACE  invisible grilles give you a seamless view along with strength that you can vouch for.

With over 750 success projects since its inception, MSPACE, an associate of 8 years old Singapore based Le Homes has earned its name as an excellent invisible grille manufacturer, and has also been certified by PSB Singapore, SETSCO and UKAS Management Systems, among others.

  • The invisible grilles come in the form of cables can either be fixed to the building structure or can be fixed to customized aluminum frames in vertical as well as horizontal forms.
  • Each cable is made of 316 stainless steel structure that comes with premier nylon melt coated material with 7/7 Nano technology.
  • MSPACE invisible grilles can support a tensile impact up to 400 kg, thus ensuring the safety of your children and pets without compromising on your view.
  • The spacing between cables can be chosen between 3 and 4 inches, thus making it impossible for birds to get in.
  • Easy to cut, the invisible grilles ensure that firemen can reach out through the window if need be, while the built-in alarm system takes care of any threat that might arise, in case someone tries to break in.
  • The easy to fit factor of M
  • MSPACE grilles makes it the best choice. Be it for balcony, window or even the staircase, the invisible grilles offer the perfect mix of aesthetics and strength without any of the hassle that comes uninvited with traditional grilles.

MSPACE grilles makes it a point to deliver the best to you, and thus uses HILTI anchor fasteners which are imported all the way from Germany.

All other products are imported from Singapore and thus all products maintain international quality standards.

Both installation and post sales service are done by company personnel, thus making it all easier for you if you choose MSPACE invisible grilles.

So next time you feel the need for grilles, look for the nearest MSPACE franchisee or visit their website You can also write to them at [email protected] or call at +91 9177737865.

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About mspace

MSPACE, has been established in India on January 2018 and since then we have finished 2000+ projects all over India. MSpace deals with invisible grilles, wall cushion and blind engine and many other such luxurious interior products. Our company is true to its name modern space which is well recognized nationally as an imported and integrated solution provider, for our products.