Mspace Zipscreen

When it comes to shading an outdoor space or a window, ZIPSCREEN is all you need!

Your home can now be expanded more easily than ever before. Without the time-consuming stress and high cost of conventional renovations, Zipscreen claims to reveal your home’s hidden potential. Create a hassle-free outdoor refuge for true relaxation and comfortable entertainment by enhancing your area. Zipscreen flawlessly protects any alfresco, pergola, veranda, or balcony from the summer heat and the winter chill, allowing you to enjoy outside life all year long.

suitable for any household or business application; specially developed. Zipscreen makes it simple to remodel your living space or the space where your business is located. Zipscreen is a sophisticated, safe, and long-lasting outdoor shade solution, and it marks the pinnacle of outdoor living. Simply get in touch with us and discover the Zipscreen difference now, tailored to fit your area.

Benefits of Zipscreen


Wind Resistance

Insect Repellent


Seaside Accepted

Sun/UV Shielding



Anti Glare


Make smart use of the office space available to you. Learn how our outdoor blinds have contributed to the growth and reinvention of business spaces.


Discover a new room in your home by installing our Zipscreens in your open outdoor space.


Your home’s energy efficiency may be influenced by the climate outside. Because of our exceptionally hot summers and our extremely cold winters, it may take a significant amount of power to adequately cool or warm your home, which can result in high energy bills and even bigger carbon footprints. Zipscreen is committed to providing you with an environment that is comfortable and healthy throughout the year, regardless of the season. When the shades are pulled down, they can block as much as ninety percent of the heat that would otherwise enter the home through the windows. When the shades are drawn up, they allow for the greatest possible increase in temperature. Using Zipscreen’s external shading systems might help you reduce your energy costs throughout the entire year.


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