Is Invisible grill safe

Invisible grills are popular for all the right reasons. More so than any other product in the construction market, Invisible Grills are being used by almost every builder in the country. Generally, when one usually inquires or reads about invisible grills, common questions like – Are invisible grills actually safe? Are the thin wires capable of holding any strength that is put at them? etc. can be very common.

Factually speaking, Invisible Grills are probably the safest window grill options you can buy in the market today. While they may be popular mainly for the fact that they unblock your view, you do not need to compromise your safety.

Made with superior materials

Unlike traditional grills, MSpace’s Invisible Grills are made with 316 marine grade stainless steel which is reinforced to offer extra strength. We are also very stringent when it comes to the standards of quality. The quality of our product and service stands over everybody else in the market.

Moreover, a group of strands are tightly wound concentrically to manufacture one cable. Extra mechanical strength is gained due to the twisted wires and the winding techniques used during manufacturing.

Nylon coated

The invisible grills at MSpace are coated with a fine layer of nylon which retains the consistency in quality over a long period of time. Usually, high-rises are prone to extreme climatic conditions that may eventually degrade the quality of any kind of grill installed in the premises.


At MSpace, safety is the number one priority. The safety of our clients always comes first and we have an impeccable service record when it comes to safeguarding our clients. Our parent company Le Home Concepts has several safety certifications tested by international organizations. Some of them include TUV certifications, SETSCO certification, DAS certification and excellent Quality Management System (QMS).

Extensive Training

What good is a robustly built product when it is not installed correctly? We ensure that only selected individuals with years of experience under their belt make their way to become a technician at MSpace. Their skills are thoroughly tested over time to ensure that they are fit for service. High intensity training schemes and timely assessments make sure that our workforce is performing at their best, always.

We follow training procedures from global conglomerate Hilti and only use Hilti’s accessories, electronics and other construction material. Using high-quality fasteners, MSpace has achieved up to 400 kilo tensile strength on its Invisible Grills which is a feat achieved only by MSpace.


There are variety of installations to suit your requirements. For example, the Invisible Grills can be installed with various gap widths. If you feel like you are uncomfortable with the default 4-inch gap while installation, you can cut that down to 2 inches. Or more, or less, as you wish.

Furthermore, MSpace will involve itself into all such practices that are aimed at enhancing the safety of our clients. We realize the importance of quality and the implications of undervalued quality standards. With reinforced installations, we make sure that you have a bulletproof installation wherever you wish. You cannot ever go wrong with Invisible Grills when it comes to safety. It is the ultimate solution to safeguard your loved ones, pets, elderly and even keep your home protected from burglars.

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