Why are Invisible Grills the Best for High Rise Buildings?

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The look of the house or building and the safety are two essential parameters that ensure a comfortable stay. We all know that residents invest millions of rupees living in a high-rise building only to enjoy the view right outside their window.

Imagine the scene of waking up in the morning, and instead of looking at the Sun, the heavy and bulky metal grills capture all your attention. For most of you, this thing would ruin your entire mood.

But, when there are no grills, the splendid view of the rising sun can freshen your mood. This view becomes an inspiration for you to wake up every morning. When buildings provide such an unhindered panoramic view to their residents, the flats’ face value considerably increases.

But, here comes another critical factor, i.e., the safety of the building. The primary purpose of constructing these buildings is to provide a view that leaves a lasting impression on the heart and provides a supreme level of safety.

When a resident lives in one of the apartments of a high-rise building, he/she is always cautious of looking down from windows or any other open space. Some may not buy the flat because of their fear of heights!

And to address all these concerns, Invisible Grills can be one of the best alternatives to those traditional grills, which disrupts the fantastic view from your house. They also give a jail-like look to your beautiful buildings.

With so much innovation happening across every industry, it is high time that builders adapt technological concepts to revolutionize their balconies’ looks. Invisible grills are thin cables that are almost invisible but come with great strength providing complete safety to the residents.

This ensures that you enable your residents to watch the scenic beauty from your balconies, spending your leisure time looking at the panoramic view no matter what floor it is. These balconies can also be fatal for life; hence focusing on safety must be given priority.

What Are Invisible Grills?

Invisible Grills are grills that are created using high-tension stainless steel cables that are strung vertically. Their thickness of 2mm makes them invisible, and you get a complete view of the outside world.

Each of these cables is made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel that has a nylon membrane. These wires are so strong that they can withhold tensile force of over 400kgs. These grills are so thin in size that they can hardly be seen in one look. They are spaced with 2mm, which does not allow your kids or pets to get out of the balcony. This ensures that looking out from windows installed with Invisible Grills would seem as if you are directly looking at the scenic beauty.

From a high rise building

Benefits of Invisible Grills

Now you have an idea of what are Invisible Grills, here are some benefits which can compel you to install them in your under-construction building right away :

Safety with Alarm System

As discussed above, Invisible Grills are made of stainless steel wires which are strong, durable, and hard enough to withstand force over 400kgs. When you live in a high-rise building or even at another place, installing them would give you a secure place to live. Our invisible grills come with an inbuilt alarm feature. This ensures that anyone who would try to touch these grills and force his way into the house, the alarm system would ring loud, alerting you and neighbors of burglary or unwanted invasion in the place.

Unhindered aesthetic views

The U.S.P of these invisible grills is that they do not block the view from your apartment. If you live near a mountain or a river, the first thing anyone does is look at the sunrise in the early morning. In this world of Instagram-worthy pictures, having these grills installed at your place would make your followers love your unhindered balcony views from the top floors. The steel wires are so that they cannot be seen from a certain distance. Hence, the name is invisible!

No Maintenance Required

If you already have traditional windows installed at your windows or balconies, you must be aware of the trouble involved in cleaning them daily. However, the case is different with these invisible grills. You have to spend zero seconds to keep these grills in perfect condition as you only need to pull the cable to fly away from the dust. Our grills are made from the best quality of steel that does not rust even in coastal regions. This makes them withstand extreme temperatures and water showers.

Avoid Accidents from Balconies

Human life is precious, and all necessary steps must be taken to protect it. These cables have a high tensile strength, which enables everyone to be safe. Accidentally, hitting the grills won’t hurt any human or pet. It can withhold your weight and doesn’t cause injury. Hence, this is one of the most recommended and must-have products for families with kids and pets. Even if they try to get close to the window, the carefully spaced grills won’t allow them to pass.

Keeping the Pigeons Away

Pigeons and other birds are a common problem in a high-rise building. Pigeon poop holds more than 200 pathogens that are harmful to human health. Pigeon poop can cause diarrhea, psittacosis, pneumonia, and many other 60 diseases Invisible grills are spaced with 2mm thickness which means that they are spaced close to each other. They block the passage for the pigeons to enter the house, and there is no littering chance.

Invisible Grills for Interior Decor Purpose

Another significant role of Invisible Grills is that it is just not restricted to balconies and windows! You can beautify your internal spaces by replacing your staircase railing and setting up this as a home decor item. With us, you can decorate your place and convert it to a modern space within no time.


Invisible Grills is a new yet unique concept brought to India by MSpace from Singapore. In many Asian and European countries, Invisible Grills have become mandatory installments due to their safety feature. In India, the risk of falling from a high-rise building needs to be combated. Apart from safety, we cannot undermine the beauty of invisible grills!

We have been providing high-end solutions to residential and commercial buildings by providing them the most advanced invisible grills and installing them at affordable rates.

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