5 Design Ideas Using Wall Cushions for Hotel Lobby

A communal space of harmony in the midst of your hospitality business might be an unspoken secret behind the success of your investment. No matter what the purpose, your guest’s satisfaction depends on the warmth and comfort that you offer under your roof. Quite often, you need a combination of purposeful design and pleasing aesthetics so that you can have a space that is multifunctional. With MSpace’s wall cushions, you don’t have to sacrifice any of these and still incorporate interesting textures and features that will have your visitors feeling rejuvenated.

Decorating your lobby can sometimes be an expensive and an unrealistic affair. However, with MSpace’s wall cushions, you can do wonders to your lobby by just a few simple changes. There are multiple ways you can use our wall cushions to spruce up the atmosphere in your lobby.

Use Depth
Your guests want to feel at home when they arrive at your hotel. Instead of perceiving your lobby as a space of transition between the entrance and the guest rooms, think of it as a space your guests would want to spend their time in peace. Your lobby is where your guests enter first and because first impressions are the best ones, make sure to create a zone of tranquility for your guests. Use soothing colors, deep textures and combine it with gentle lighting to give your wall an interesting texture that your guests can’t stop staring at the wall.

Play with colours
You can use not one but a variety of textures and colors to create an interesting image that will strike your customers. It is a subtle yet an effective way to catch the eyes of your customers and essentially change the tone and tendency of your entire hotel. It is a great alternative to otherwise monotonous designs.

Match your furniture
Introducing Wall Cushions in your lobby also opens opportunities for you to play with your furniture. You can use matching cushions, couches and other customized furniture that match the texture and the design element of the room laden with customized wall cushions. You can try using metallic shades, bright pastels or even dull hues to interplay with the texture and color of your Wall Cushions to create an interesting composition in your lobby.

Versatile design
You can choose Wall Cushions in hundreds of different colors and textures that complement your style. If at any time you want to change the design, you can do it in a jiffy. Wall cushions from MSpace do not require any drilling and neither do they cause any damage to your walls. They are installed using a special silicone glue which can easily be uninstalled allowing you to keep your design fresh whenever you want it.

These are some of the ways you can elevate the look of your lobby utilizing MSpace’s Wall Cushions. If you think it is time to change the way your lobby looks, it is the right time to invest in MSpace’s Wall Cushions. We will work with you closely to incorporate your vision into the lobby you want. We are a team of talented experts equipped to help you transform your hotel into the best possible version of itself.

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