Does Invisible Grill Rust?

The most expensive maintenance costs you may have to pay each year are maybe the worst aspect of living in a high-rise property. When it comes to windows and balconies, you need strong grilling systems that can withstand Mother Nature’s elements.

On a high-rise building, your windows and balconies are subjected to extreme winds, rain, humidity, continual sunlight and other elements of the atmosphere. Damage and rusting to your property is not only inevitable, but it also represents a health and safety concern to your family, pets, and even plants in your home or business.

Thankfully, for the first time in India, MSpace offers a ‘Rust-Free’ guarantee on all its invisible grills on any kind of installation. Tried and tested around the globe in the harshest weather conditions, MSpace’s invisible grills have been certified to be rust free throughout its lifetime.

How is MSpace able to offer Rust-Free invisible grills?

MSpace’s invisible grills are composed of 316-rated marine grade stainless steel, which is the finest in class. Your invisible grills will remain immaculate even in the worst flood or rain. MSpace’s grills are also factory coated in a unique nylon coating that prevents withering and climatic damage on a day-to-day basis.

Second, HILTI’s anti-rust coatings are applied to the wall mounting brackets, fasteners, screws, and other metals used in the installation, ensuring that your grills and their fasteners are as robust as ever. After all, sacrificing on the quality of the brackets and fasteners might be harmful, a phrase that MSpace has never heard of.

MSpace includes a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand warranty service with your invisible grill installation. We will be with you for the rest of your life. It also includes our ‘rust-free for life’ guarantee.


Invisible grills are the answer to all of your problems associated with being in or owning a high-rise building. If your building requires any form of window grills, invisible grills will meet your demands and provide you with unique, modern solutions to today’s difficulties. They are great for ensuring your safety and comfort. They are both undetected and intelligent. They don’t rust, provide greater ventilation, and let the natural light to into your home.

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