what are some ideas for window grills

Your front door does not have to be the best-looking part of your house. We resort to all sorts of things from extra-polishing wooden doors, adding plants, installing customized grills and what not, to make it the best-looking part of the house. But all of it goes in vain when other parts of the house like your balconies and windows are fitted with the regular bulky, ugly and gruffly window grills.

A bane to windows is that, we must install some from of grill to help protect from burglars, accidents or birds. It is mandatory to install some form of protection so that we can stay safe and away from any kind of tension.

Window grilling started with different designs and patterns to enhance the look of buildings. Some of these designs include classic square designs, floral patterns, circular abstract patterns, leaves, etc.

Although they looked good, they provided claustrophobia. They also required a lot of maintenance. Cleaning them was a painful process as pointed edges often caused cuts and bruises.

Due to their shortcomings, the trends in grill design shifted to the same old vertical or horizontal designs. These designs gave people a rather eerie feeling of being caged in a jail. The ugly and dull designs soon went over people’s heads as they were still not satisfied with the look.

As it was crystal clear that traditional grills caused visual bulk and unnecessary baggage, the trend soon shifted towards using other lighter materials in grills like aluminum, steel or glass.

These materials were extremely vulnerable to wetness and other adverse climate conditions. Aluminum grills also couldn’t absorb or withstand any form of vibrations.

Now, having no other option, stainless steel grills and MS (Mild Steel) grills were the only reliable option left to people. Back to the century with absolutely no development in window grills, the buildings were forced to look like this:

As years passed, invisible grills started entering the market. Due to its thin build, invisible grills were thought to be a joke in the initial phases. People thought that they could be easily cut since they’re basically just stainless-steel cables.

Only after several construction did the masses harmonize with the benefits invisible grills had to offer. As soon as it was popularized, invisible grills took the market by storm. A huge demand for these grills enabled people to choose better safety methods to keep away from unauthorized intrusion.

Unlike everything people had experienced before, invisible grills were a humbling surprise to many. They are very sleek yet durable. They overshadowed every other grill in the market and emerged at the top of the market.

Invisible grills till today are the best thing you can do to your windows. The true size and significance of your windows can only be perceived after installing invisible grills. For a simple yet sophisticated product, it unblocks your view, adds to aesthetics, protects your kids from any sort of unfortunate accidents, adds added protection to your building and most importantly reduces unnecessary visual bulk caused from other grills.

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