Mr. Satish Kumar


Satish Kumar, Mspace’s energetic creator and CEO, has been essential in transforming Mspace into a famous, world-class brand with his ground-breaking ideas and inventive products. He is credited with inventing invisible grills in India and is known for developing other creative goods.

As soon as he started his job, he understood the need of having a specialised, professional degree, so he decided to get his master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Over the course of more than 15 years, he gained invaluable experience while working for a number of India’s most renowned architects, which allowed him to hone his knowledge and talents. The groundbreaking idea of invisible grills was one of the first things he brought to India in 2017, under the moniker Modern Space. He was aware that adding standard MS grills could cause a number of problems, but that invisible grills could solve all of those problems. He wanted to be able to supply customers with a product that would not only retain the attractiveness of their interior space but would also provide exceptional safety features. People who had invisible grills installed in their homes have nothing but admiration for the incredible product, which is built to last for a very long time, is incredibly strong, and allows them to see out their windows or balconies without obstruction.

Mspace has been able to achieve levels of success that were previously unfathomable thanks to his savvy leadership and the innovative way in which he has combined modern concepts with cutting-edge technology. His goal is to keep people in the loop on the availability of more cutting-edge products.

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