Mr. Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is the dynamic founder and CEO of Mspace, instrumental in transforming Mspace into a renowned, world-class brand, with his path-breaking ideas and innovative products. He bears the distinction of being the founder of invisible grills in India and is reputed for introducing more such innovative products.


Early in his career, realizing the significance of a specialized, professional degree, he armed himself with an MBA in marketing. To fine-tune his knowledge and skills, he worked under some of India’s top architects for more than 15 years and amassed valuable experience. In 2017, he introduced the revolutionary concept of invisible grills to India under the name Modern Space. He was aware that invisible grills were the answer to all the issues people encountered when installing traditional MS grills. He wanted to offer customers a product that would provide excellent safety features while also maintaining the aesthetics of their interior space. People who have installed invisible grills are full of praise for the amazing product, which is long-lasting, has amazing strength, and provides an unhindered view from their windows or balconies.


Under his astute leadership, and by blending contemporary ideas with the latest technology, he has overcome several challenges to take Mspace to unimaginable levels of success. His vision is to keep providing people with more such futuristic products