installation process for wall cushions

MSpace wall cushions can be a great way to spruce up your dry old walls. Our wall cushions come in all colours and finishes, to suit and portray your own style and persona. Once you place an order, they are customed made for your liking and stitched precisely to fit the dimensions in your room. Did you ever wonder how we do it so perfectly? Take a look at the step-by-step process involved in delivering your wall cushions, from start to finish. The installation is easy and does not involve the usage of any sort of drilling. There is absolutely no damage to your walls.


First and foremost, our internationally trained installation crew will arrive at your place to take measurements of the wall where you want to install these cushions. We use high precision measuring products from HILTI to make sure your wall is as perfect as it can get.


Based on the measurements, a specially curated team of designers will then work on designing you a cushion, fabric, colour and texture of your choice. The cushions are machine-stitched to make sure there is no room for error. The customized panels are then delivered to you including with the installation material like glue and other tools.


Below your wall, we will trace a reference line to make sure that the panels are straight, even if your walls are not squared. We will then place them once without glue to make sure that they fit just right. Once everything is finalized, the supervisor on sight will give a go-ahead, signaling the team to begin pasting.

Then, a special silicon glue is used to paste these panels on your wall. A surplus amount of glue is used both on your walls and the panels. We know! You don’t ever want these panels to fall down!

As a partner holds, the panel is intricately placed on the wall and held firmly in place so as to let the adhesive stick properly, without any air bubbles trapped in-between the wall and cushion. The paneling starts from the centre to ensure un-mistaken symmetry throughout.

Worried for switch boards or other electricals on your walls? Don’t! The wall cushions are precisely cut to accommodate all the electricals on your walls.

The complete installation process of these panels takes a day or two, depending on the size of your room and the amount of work required.

Our installation teams are not only trained in excellence of their duty but also trained to offer dignity and respect to all our customers. We believe in customer satisfaction as our ethos.

Overall, we make sure to keep the installation process a fun experience, to both our team and your family. Proper guidance is taken from you and your family during installation. The process is as fun as pasting labels on new notebooks.

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