Anti–Bird Safety Grilles for High Rises


High rises, though mostly are about the great view and airflow, too come with their share of problems. Among all, the one that tops the list is that of the birds, crows, and pigeons mostly, which make it a point to pay visits more than often, thus making your house prone to all that comes with them. And just in case they could manage to find a cozy corner, they don’t think twice before bringing in the twigs and other support materials to make themselves a home.
To avoid these uninvited guests and the problems they bring home, people often tend to use nets. Though it serves the purpose, it just doesn’t fulfill the whole purpose of staying in a high rise. For, the nets just take away the whole unhindered experience of witnessing the majestic sky and its many hues while sipping on that cup of evening tea.
While many might just let go of the top-view experience after coughing up a whopping amount to buy or rent their flats, many others have put their trust on MSPACE invisible grilles – a state of-the-art infrastructural innovation. Reason why, we at MSPACE, ensure that no one comes in between you and the far-sighted view of the wide sky.

Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, our invisible grilles maintain high standards to cater to everyone with a taste of aesthetic living. Anchored with German-made HILTI fasteners, MSPACE invisible grilles are installed with utmost efficiency by our specialist team that follows our guidelines of keeping a gap of 3 inches between each vertical grille in case of balconies, thus making it the perfect hindrance for the flying creatures from barging in. The vertical installation ensures that birds can’t stand on the grilles and try climbing in. All the more, our invisible grilles are also installed keeping the safety of young children and pets in mind.
While our vertical grilles take care of the balcony view, the window installations are done in a horizontal manner with a gap of 4 inches. This serves the purpose of keeping birds away along with the ease of operating a sliding window by moving one’s hand flexibly.
MSPACE, an associate of 8 years old Singapore based LeHomes, has earned its name as an invisible grille manufacturer, and has also been certified by PSB Singapore, SETSCO and UKAS Management Systems, among others. So next time you think of high rises, think of MSPACE. For further information, you can write to [email protected] or call at +91 91777 37863.