Carefree living in highrises

Someone must have rightly said, ‘home is where your heart is’. Reason why, it becomes important that one finds all the security and safety in the house of their dreams. One that has to offer the best of comfort, luxury and safety for the house owners. This is especially the case while living in high rises.

Often people are found to be skeptical about moving into a high rise building. While there could be hundreds of factors, the foremost one is the safety of young children and the pets. Like everybody knows, kids have this habit of running around the house, peeping through window or staircase grills and what not. And if there happens to be pets around, the tension just gets double. Half of the time, the house owner, especially the mother remains concerned about what’s happening at house. Thus, it tends to take a toll on one’s peace of mind.

While traditional grills can be of help, they come with their share of problems. From hindering the beautiful view from the balcony to risking the chances of children getting stuck, the list is endless. Hence, it is important to go for something that can provide safety without compromising on the view. Something like MSpace invisible grills that have been entrusted by many house owners in India as well as abroad. Made from high quality 316 grade stainless steel cables, these grills can support a tensile impact up to 400 kg, thus ensuring the safety of your children and pets. The spacing between cables can be chosen between 3 and 4 inches, so children cannot slide through them. Fastened by German made HILTI fasteners, MSpace grills are installed by experts to add to the assurance of safety.

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