Difference between bird nets and invisible grills

The high rises in metros are all about living in the zenith. The majestic view, great air circulation and almost zero noise are some of the foremost things that come with it. However, there are some factors, which hinders the joy of living in a high rise. The uninvited guests, in the form of birds, being one of them that don’t think twice before entering a house, and leaving it all messy. To avoid the same, people generally opt for commonly available bird nets, which are made from polyethylene, a common form of plastic.

Although plastic nets might do the job just fine, it takes away the pleasure of living in a high rise, hampering the unhindered view of the sky that one generally associates with high rises. All the more, the plastic nets gather dust over the time, which also leads to growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause health issues. And once they have gathered substantial amount of dust, the house owner is left with no other choice but to replace it with new ones, thus adding to the hassles of finding the right guy and getting the job done right. Weather factors like sunlight and rain also shorten the life span of plastic nets. To be precise, the plastic nets make the house owner spend some hard-earned money for one bad decision of buying
something that is commonly used by others.

There are many, however, who have over the years, made smart choices by opting for MSpace invisible grills over the commonly used plastic nets. Unlike plastic nets, the invisible grills are made of high quality 316 grade stainless steel cables that are fixed in such a manner that ensures that there is an unhindered view of the outside world and birds are kept at bay. These 2 inch grills can support a tensile impact up to 400 kg, thus ensuring the safety of your children and pets. The spacing between cables can be chosen between 3 and 4 inches, so children cannot slide through them. Fastened by German made HILTI fasteners, MSpace invisible grills are installed by experts to add to the assurance of safety. The use of stainless steel adds to the life of the grills, thus leaving house owners free from the hassles of any wear and tear.

Hyderabad based, MSpace is a name synonymous with invisible grills. As their motto ‘What’s visible is seamless, What’s invisible is strength’, MSpace invisible grills give you a seamless view along with strength that you can vouch for.

With over 750 success projects since its inception, MSpace, an associate of 8 years old Singapore based LeHomes, has earned its name as an invisible grill manufacture, and has also been certified by PSB Singapore, SETSCO and UKAS Management Systems, among others.

So next time you move into a high rise, step into your nearest MSpace franchisee or visit their website You can also write to them at or call at +91 9177737865.

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