Fire evacuation safety alarm in high rises

With the growing popularity of high rises among people, there is one very unpopular thing that has come up with it. However harsh it may sound; the cost of living in high rises is often paid by people’s lives in case of fires and this is despite the presence of building security personnel, fire hoses and fire extinguishers. Among others, the high number of deaths in high rises are caused by the lack of exit measures in case of a fire. In case of a fire that starts from a lower floor, it tends to spread fast and thus leaves a small window for people to escape. The smoke also tends to fly up and thus cuts down the chances of survival as people get choked. In cases when people do manage to find a way down, they are at a risk of tripping or being stepped upon and getting severely injured while running down a staircase in a panic situation.

Even though the authorities have set fire safety regulations according to which one should not install anything more than 2.8 mm thick in the balconies, building owners tend to ignore the same. The result is the countless number of deaths, which otherwise could have been stopped by the firemen, who don’t think twice before risking their lives for the sake of public. It is thus very important for every builder and especially the house owners to insist on adhering to fire safety guidelines, and particularly in context to grills.

MSPACE While many have turned a blind eye to the safety guidelines, over the years, there are many who have prioritized the lives of their loved ones with respect to choosing the grills for the balconies of their high rises. This is the reason why they have put their trust in MSpace invisible grills, which are made from 2 mm 316 marine grade stainless steel in adherence to the fire safety guidelines. These could be easily cut by any industrial tool in case of fire evacuation by firemen as compared to an MS Structure, where it becomes very difficult to cut the grill and evacuate. Thus, adding on to the chances of survival for the residents and facilitating the rescue team of firemen.

While MSpace invisible grill cables can be cut easily, they can support tensile impact up to 400 kg, and thus ensures that there is no threat of anyone falling down. Further, to ensure that there are no threats of theft or burglary, they come with an inbuilt alarm system that turns on the moment one cuts a cable. They are installed with utmost care by a team of highly trained experts, who use German made HILTI fasteners as anchors. Along with safety, MSpace invisible grills give an unhindered view and thus add to the aesthetics of the house.

With over 750 success projects since its inception, MSpace, an associate of 8 years old Singapore based LeHomes, has earned its name as an invisible grill manufacturer, and has also been certified by PSB Singapore, SETSCO and UKAS Management Systems, among others. So, go ahead, add MSpace to your house and make your house safer than ever. For further information, you can write to or call at +91 9177737865.

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