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At MSpace, we have always been a company of the future. Over the last years, we have constantly contemplated and re-engineered our working mechanisms to boost quality and build a high-performance innovation engine amongst our workspaces.

A large part of that is owed to our proprietary partner and well-wisher, Hilti. Today, allow us to acquaint you with a brand-new mobile app that is strategically used by our employees to provide you an effortless service. The application has worked as a key factor in increasing profit and productivity in our business.

A common problem amongst construction businesses is the keeping track of assets and construction equipment. In the real world, just searching for assets on a site and effectively manage them takes a monumental amount of time and money. It is a waste of resources and adds a heavy toll on the operational efficiency of the company.

In a leap of faith and customer first approach, let us acquaint you with our internal working methodology and the secret behind our timely service.

A cutting-edge mobile application offered by Hilti, the ‘On!Track’ app takes asset management a huge step upward from a traditional Excel spreadsheet. It allows us to conveniently beat timelines, expensive errors, unsafe working practices and any loss incurred due to ancient practices of business management.

The app offers the following direct benefits to our cost and asset management:

Physical Asset Management – For example, we need to make sure that all the necessary fasteners and equipment used at your construction site. There is a Hilti proprietary barcode tag on all our Hilti provided equipment and products that can be scanned into the app using a smartphone. This way, we know the location of the product and also ensure that only quality checked, brand warranted products and equipment is used in and around your site.

We can also keep track of who is installing the products, when it is being installed and so on…

Administrative Asset Management – Based on timelines of when and where these products are being installed and by who, we have an automated database of details which will help us fast track healthy and safety certifications, site cost allocations and most importantly warranty certifications.

Dates and timelines are automatically updated into the app which means that our employees spend only the absolute required amount of time at your site. This enables the client to save money on paying excessive employee time. Also, another task can be assigned to the responsible individual in time. We also don’t incur potential losses in the form of misplaced products or tools. We don’t need to buy any duplicate items.

The integration of digital asset management with Hilti’s On!Track app provides benefits that can be directly offered to our clients. It enables us to offer affordable and competitive prices, a secret behind MSpace’s continued success in several states across the country.

Hilti’s On!Track app is extremely easy to use and highly convenient as rated by our servicemen. All your data is stored securely on Hilti’s cloud platform that follows world standard security protocols.

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