Invisible grills have been thriving in the construction market for several years. It has not only become a common but a hot-selling commodity amongst builders of all buildings – residential and commercial. While aesthetic appeal, versatile application, unblocked view, safety and burglar protection are a few reasons for the popularity of these grills, there is another reason why invisible grills are extremely popular amongst everyone. This sole reason is owed to the installation process behind invisible grills. The fact that they require an otherwise breezy installation process make them an absolute favorite.

Compared to other installations like the traditional MS (Mild Steel) or SS (Stainless Steel), invisible grills do not require heft installation methods that require loads of time. After you choose your favorite position and decide to go ahead with the installation, the grills can be fitted in a matter of hours. Traditional grills on the other hand include welding, hammering, painting and much more which not only takes a lot of time but also leaves a mess after installation.

Any kind of grills require customization. Lots of customization requires lots more work that might ultimately put the complete project at jeopardy. Any amount of customization can be done using invisible grills since they are toughened, nylon coated marine grade stainless steel. Their durability or strength is not compromised due to customization. Also, as a bonus, MSpace is associated with Hilti for their primary tools and training. This also ensures that high-quality equipment that are certified globally are used in your project.

Installation of invisible grills also includes precise measurements of your area which enables you to pay for what you need and not more. For traditional MS grills or SS grills, one might need to purchase extra for customization. Our team will first take precise dimensions of your desired area and only then procure the equipment required for installation. Some of the common materials involved in this process are aluminum channels, nylon coated marine grade stainless steel, aluminum cover cap, nylon end cap and rivets.

The aluminum channels are what give the main skeletal structure to the installation. The installation starts with installing the channels on both ends of the installation area. They are already fitted with stainless steel screws to make the installation hassle free. Once the skeletal structure is reinforced, the marine grade nylon coated cable is wound to the stainless-steel screws on the aluminum channel in a somewhat zig-zag pattern. This forms either a vertical or a horizontal pattern.

The cables are then pulled and made stiff. This ensures that they are snugly fit and can withstand a substantial amount of force. As soon as the technicians confirm that the cables are fit appropriately, the aluminum channels are covered with another aluminum cap. This helps in closing the structure to prevent wear and damage over the years. The openings on both sides are also closed using nylon end caps. They are waterproofed so that structure can withstand harsh weather conditions.

After installation, the team will neatly vacuum the area in order to clear any debris or dirt deposited during installation. With this, you are remained with a spot free environment and a brand new ‘unblocked’ view of your environment.

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