Impact of invisible grills against airborne bacteria through birds

The perks of living in high rises could be many, but one can simply ignore the share of problems that might arise while living in them. Among others, the one that is of utmost concern is the list of flying creatures, specially the pigeons and crows that are as much a part of every city like success-driven Indians. All they want is just a small opening to bring in things, which no house owner would love to see inside their houses. From twigs and feathers to food particles, the list can just go on. However, one of the most annoying and dangerous things that these otherwise innocent creatures bring are the bacteria that can put one’s life for a toss.

While it might just sound hard to believe, the medical industry holds birds accountable for carrying over 6000 different kinds of bacteria that are found in bird droppings. Often left unattended by humans, the bird droppings, on drying, turn into homes for bacteria, yeasts and fungi that can cause serious health issues like Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, St. Louis Encephalitis, Salmonellosis and E. coli infection among others. The airborne bacteria settle on drinking water and food, and thus, find their way to one’s system and work on causing the damage, which other than messing up with one’s health also end up eating on one’s hard earned savings that go into medical expenses. Additionally, if the bacteria in the food and water don’t do the damage, there are the bad old mosquitoes and flies that do the trick.

To avoid these uninvited guests and the countless bacteria they bring home, people often tend to use nets. Though it serves the purpose, it compromises the whole point of staying in a high rise, by damaging the aesthetic look of the place. The nets just take away the whole unhindered experience of witnessing the grand canvas that nature paints while basking under the sunlight in one’s balcony or flipping through the morning daily enjoying a piping hot tea.

Thank the stars, there is invisible grills, so the dream houses remain the dream they are always supposed to be. A state-of-the-art infrastructural innovation, MSpace ensures that no one comes in between a house owner and the far-sighted view of the wide sky. And while doing this, it also assures that the deadly bacteria carriers, that the birds are, stay at bay.

Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, MSpace invisible grills maintain high standards to cater to everyone with a taste of aesthetic living.

Anchored with German-made HILTI fasteners, MSpace invisible grills are installed with utmost efficiency. Its specialist team follows strict guidelines of keeping a gap of 3 inches between each vertical grill in case of balconies, thus making it the perfect hindrance for the flying creatures from barging in. The vertical installation ensures that birds can’t stand on the grills and try climbing in.

While MSpace vertical grills take care of the balcony view, the window installations are done in a horizontal manner with a gap of 4 inches. This serves the purpose of keeping birds away along with the ease of operating a sliding window by moving one’s hand flexibly. So, invest in MSpace grills today and keep your house beautiful along with maintaining the hygiene and health of the people living. For further information, you can write to or call at +91 9177737865.

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