As the mindset of the customers, corporations, leaders the world is transforming everyday, the demand for sustainable construction practices is on the rise. With scientific agencies warning of emissions and pollution in the upcoming years, it is only pertinent that the need for ‘green’ methods is mandatory. A lot of industries in the construction sector already depend upon non conservative practices such as crude oil, etc. They leave a major carbon footprint on the sustainability of our planet Earth.

As a pledge, MSpace recognizes the problems of pollution and the contribution by the construction sector. As a major player in the ever-growing industry of construction, MSpace has stipulated usage of ‘green’ practices within their production process. We are proud to say that MSpace only indulges in materials and design that is ecologically beneficial.

Here is a brief overview of how we strive towards a ‘green’ environment…

The major raw materials that go into making structures for all of our projects are recycled and used to its fullest. Some of the popular materials used in our construction are marine-grade stainless steel, aluminum, nylon 11 and paint. These are the raw materials used by MSpace for invisible grills.

Aluminum and steel are well-known green metals on the earth. They are extremely environment friendly and recycling these metals saves about 95% of the energy required to produce these raw materials. Steel too, on the other hand is not coated with any toxic material and it uses scrap metal as its primary raw material during manufacturing. In the worst-case scenario when these metals cannot be re-used, they hardly cause detrimental effects in landfill.

As a matter of fact, these raw materials at MSpace are further used to make aluminum channels, stainless steel cable with nylon coating, stainless steel screws, etc. These products are then later put together to make the complete invisible grille structure.

You would also be surprised to know that the installation process of invisible grills is one of the most environmentally friendly procedures in the world. The installation does not require usage of non-renewable energy other than a very short span of electricity.

The manufacturing of aluminum itself includes recycling about 50 other metals. Aluminum on its own makes for an ideal ‘green’ product. One other fact about aluminum is that it does not react with any other factors caused due to environmental conditions or even fire. You can rest assured that prolonged exposure of aluminum will not cause any reaction to your building or atmosphere. Even during an unlikely event of fire, aluminum will not release harmful fumes that may affect your health.

With the onset of environmental awareness and the importance of ecologically sustainable products, we must all focus towards reducing carbon footprints to provide a sustainable atmosphere to our future generations. If you are serious about your carbon footprint and want to contribute to an earth that is free of toxins, join us in this pledge. Visit or get in touch with us at or call us at +91 9177737865.

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