When was the last time you checked if the products that you use every day are certified?

Did you know that certification plays a major role in the safety, longevity and usage of the product?

We often forget to check if a product that we use on a daily basis is properly certified by concerned authorities. It leaves feeling sad and angry about our investments. Moreover, it jeopardizes the safety of us and our family members. It should be a must-to-do check before buying any product whatsoever. It can re-assure us regarding our purchase, guarantee your safety and validate the product’s durability/longevity.

What is certification and why it matters?

These days you can find a ‘copy’ of almost every product in the market. To cut costs, many tricksters and scammers in the market use cheaper, less durable materials by replicating an otherwise, higher-quality expensive product. Since certification is a lengthy and expensive process, which these tricksters cannot afford and simply ignore these precautionary measures to gain illicit profits.

As we customers always look for attractive prices, we fall for these nasty tricks and end up purchasing a cheaper low-quality product. We are then victims of deceit and mental agony.

To ensure that such ill-practises do not occur, there are many governing bodies that perform rigorous testing of products to mark their quality, durability, authenticity and longevity. The government also sometimes has certifications that mandate the safety of products.

Sometimes, especially in the case of invisible grills or other products, lower quality could be fatal. Thus, it is extremely important to make sure that these kinds of products are stringently tested and controlled to be manufactured at the highest standard of quality and performance.

Certifications of MSpace products

At MSpace, your safety is our highest regarded priority. Before we venture into the manufacturing of any product, we make sure to achieve the required number of certifications.

We ensure the highest quality standards at MSpace for your safety and well-being. You can be rest assured that your purchase at MSpace can be made in full confidence and a guarantee of safety. Visit for more details on all our certifications. You can also drop in an email at or call us at +91 9177737865.


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