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Le Home Concepts is a well-established company specialising in Invisible Grilles, supply of Aluminium Windows, Automatic Gates, Carpet Grass and other luxury home construction items in Singapore. Over the last decade, Le Home Concepts has undertaken the most number of Government and Private Sector projects than any other company in Singapore. The number of projects amounts to a staggering >10000 projects island wise.

As a partner and parent to MSpace, Le Home Concepts has been a constant support to the enormous success of MSpace.

MSpace established itself in the state of Telangana by 2017. Bringing the well-founded ideas, innovations and dependable service of Le Home Concepts to India, MSpace has transformed themselves into a huge market leader not only in Telangana but also in the neighbouring states. What started as a trial-based franchisee in Telangana in 2017 soon started ruling the markets of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as early as 2018.

Till today, MSpace has spread its wings across several other regions in the country. Some of them include Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh. By the end of 2020, MSpace aims to cover all the four directions across the country.

MSpace’s ethos lies in providing a service that is beyond ordinary. It carries its values from its parent Le Home Concepts to deliver five aspects – thoughtful design that complements customers’ lifestyles, good workmanship, high quality materials and attentive after sales services.

Keeping this in mind, MSpace aims to extend its arms in each state in the country to not only promote business but also help create a customer friendly experience to all our clients. A greater extent will help MSpace achieve its dreams of being one of the most customer-centric company in the construction field. It believes that a business beyond borders can rid barriers of language, ethnicity and diversity. A dedicated technical team in each state can help and encourage a huge number of people to avail a prolonged service from MSpace. It will also help the company fulfil its promises of providing a speedy service to any issue that may occur. A greater presence of MSpace will also help with any potential issue that may occur in due course of the life of Invisible Grills and other products.

Since burglary, safety and blocked views are universal problems in every region, MSpace’s outreach might help a greater number of people than what is the average targeted audience which is usually high-end builders or other construction companies. MSpace can provide an affordable solution directly to owners to help them build a house that is well protected from the inside out.

With the passing day, MSpace continues to strive towards providing a network that is well spread with clients spread across the huge nation. It will help break hardened barriers of understanding, language and ethnicity to provide a network of solutions that is always at your reach.

Owing to the shot-span success of MSpace across several states in India, MSpace also plans on challenging the global market with its international quality products that can fiercely compete against every similar product in the market worldwide.

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MSPACE, has been established in India on January 2018 and since then we have finished 2000+ projects all over India. MSpace deals with invisible grilles, wall cushion and blind engine and many other such luxurious interior products. Our company is true to its name modern space which is well recognized nationally as an imported and integrated solution provider, for our products.

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