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Let’s admit it. Schools are notorious places. Students running from one corner to the other, lunch breaks, chalk fights, chit chats, punishments are all nostalgic memories of our childhood. There is just something about school days that excited each one of us. No matter what we say or think, one thing we never stopped doing was having fun and being notorious. Whatever the punishment it was, it was still exciting to suffer it with a bunch of friends. Waiting in between periods for the next teacher and praying that it would be a substitute teacher was crazy fun. While much happened, there was never an end to having fun and mischief.

If that sounds like all of you, trust us, we were the same. Even with the world about to end, we never stopped having fun. This is the case of most kids even today. And the favourite place they like being notorious? Their classroom, right in the midst of their fellow funsters.

If you are a parent, teacher or just anybody, you must have noticed that fun always comes with loads of injuries. It could be due to sharp edges, corners or other stuff. At MSpace, we aim to keep the fun alive and provide a risk-free environment to the kids.

We provide soft wall cushions made out of PU (polyurethane) leather and PU foam. It is a sandwiched foam that is covered on both sides using PU leather. They add a soft texture to any area that they are installed on. Imagine having soft, cushioned walls in a classroom full of playful kids bumping into corners and walls. The wall cushions can be installed on any hard and flat surface like concrete, wood, stone and much more. They are soft and rebound back to their own shape once they are bent or pressed against. They make for a perfect product for kids especially in primary schools.

Another interesting fact about the wall cushions remains their versatility. You can choose from hundreds of colours and textures to suit the interior of your class room. In order to make your walls educational, you can also choose cushions that come in shapes of numbers and alphabets. Since they are extremely convenient, you can paste them anywhere to give a visual classroom experience to your children.

Apart from this, MSpace also provides exclusively made ‘impact-absorbing’ floor mats for the tender feet of your children. Falling is the most common reason for injuries in children. With impact-absorbing flooring, the reduction in the injury rate will be immense. The half-inch thick tiles can be interlocked and have a spongy PU interior. You can be assured that the force of impact will be reduced by about 80% as compared to normal concrete flooring.

Also keep in mind that these tiles or cushions require minimal to no maintenance and can easily be moved to various places in the room. MSpace is proud to venture into innovative products that rename the idea of living towards a more modern interpretation.

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