5 Ways to Keep Your High-Rise Balcony Safe for Kids/Senior Citizens

In today’s lifestyle, our children and elders often have to spend a lot of time alone. When it comes to children, they are inherently curious. At times, it puts them in trouble for all the wrong reasons. In high-rise buildings, it might even turn fatal. Sadly, high-rise buildings characterize a major part of the Urban and Semi-urban cityscape in the country. The risk is only going to increase with the rising number of properties across the cities. While ‘the higher, the better’ might be the future of modern construction with space restraints, it begs to ask the question: Are high-rises really safe for our children and elders?

Being straight-forward, the answer is NO. With builders in the quest to show off their architectural brilliance, buildings will be built until high in the skies with fancy railings and attractive looks. At the same time, it is also imperative to bridge the gap between looks and safety.

What can we do?

Plexiglass/Acrylic Sheeting

As compared to normal glass, Plexiglass is much stronger and versatile. It makes a perfect option for marking the railings of your high-rise balcony to prevent falling. Since it is strong and transparent, it will not hinder your view.

Plastic Mesh

Plastic mesh is a low-cost solution to safeguard your balconies. Due to its low-weight and cost, it can be installed and uninstalled easily. The mesh structure will also prevent pigeons from making a mess at your balconies.


Window/balcony grills are the most sought-after options to safeguard windows from accidents. A sleek and stylish grill can also enhance the beauty of your building. Depending on the aesthetic of your building, you can choose window grills that are sleek or bulky. Use aluminum-based grills to ensure that there is no rusting or damage due to extreme weather conditions.


Sometimes grills and other re-enforcements work well, however, they might need extra protection with some vertical or horizontal slats and spindles to cover the gap between the railings.

Invisible Grills

Invisible Grills are the ultimate option to safeguard your balconies without having to compromise on safety, view and maintenance. As they are made with 316 marine grade stainless steel and coated with nylon, they will remain intact even if your naughty kid wants to cut them using scissors. With a tight gap between the cables, it is impossible to fit a human or even a toddler between the Invisible Grills. Also, one can use Invisible Grills in combination with railings/grills to add the extra layer of security. To read more about MSpace’s invisible grills, visit:

We hope that these tips will help you safeguard your homes and prevent your children and elders from having a fatal accident in your balconies. Since our balconies are the only ‘outdoors’ for a lot of us, it is important that we are aware of how we can childproof our balconies.

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