MSpace Invisible Grills – The Ultimate Safety Solution for Your School

A wise man once said – “An accident won’t arrive with a bell on its back.” Now, to relate this with kids and especially a school full of children, keeping them safe is no easy task. There are many tragedies in and around schools due to petty accidents in school buildings. Sometimes, we read the news and pity how carelessly the accident occurred. We can’t help but sympathize with the silliness of the accident and how easily it could have been avoided.

Your children spend most of their day learning. But we all know every well that they are always waiting for the recess bell to run their marathons in the corridor. It is inherently in their nature to chase danger and cause themselves grave accidents. They will climb, touch, explore, show-off and do everything else to put themselves in potential danger.

Now the enormous responsibility of keeping these children safe is our responsibility. As your school characterizes the cityscape of your city in pride, you don’t want your school to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. As much as ‘the higher, the better’ seems to be the best option for shareholders and occupancy, they only come with challenging safety threats.

So, what can we do?

The most direct solution would be to install some kind of grills to prevent children from falling over railings and other risky areas. Installing grills is the most straightforward method to prevent such accidents. This has been proven time and again.

If you are thinking what we are thinking… the idea of grills is ancient. Nobody wants bulky bars of steel encircling their walls or windows anymore. We want crisp design that is not spoiled by obstructive architecture in the name of safety.

Hence, MSpace presents the ultimate solution for child safety in a school building. Innovatively engineered, modernized design and strengthened to the core, presenting MSpace’s Invisible Grills.

You simply cannot go wrong with your hand at installing Invisible Grills in your school. They prevent all risk of children falling from high areas. They are made with 316 marine grade stainless steel which is strengthened to a tensile strength of 400 kilograms. They are strong and durable just like the spirits of your school. They are customizable and the perfect solution to safeguarding the lives of your children in schools.

At the same time, you can be assured that they will not be deprived of sunlight and fresh air. Invisible Grills, like their name, are invisible to the eye which ensures an unblocked view of the fresh greenery. Not only do invisible grills provide maximum security but also add to the psychology of your school in providing fresh air and nature to your children. They will not feel claustrophobic and be refreshed throughout their time in the school. Invisible Grills due to their sleek stature also allow sunlight which means that your classrooms are always amply lit.

MSpace’s Invisible Grills are your ultimate solution to prevent your children from falls, fractures and potentially death. You can let your children cherish their childhood by running around, exploring their curiosity and much more without the stress of them having an accident.

MSpace is already a widely preferred solution for safety amongst several prestigious schools across the country. MSpace is proud to report that it is a part of The Brigade School, JP Nagar, Bangalore. We are more than honored by being a part of a legendary ‘A Grade’ school in the country. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the children maximum safety and enabling them in shaping their tomorrow.

For Invisible Grills, Wall Cushions and other innovative safety solutions for your school, get in touch with MSpace today. Contact us on: +91 9177737865 For More Information

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