Mr. Y Shiva Kumar Reddy

Managing Partner

Entrepreneur Shiva Kumar Reddy is a forward-thinking businessman based in Hyderabad. He is self-motivated. As a director of Mspace at the moment, he is putting his expertise in business growth to use in the interior design industry. He has an incredible amount of enthusiasm for the work that he does, and he is dedicated to giving consumers the very finest goods and services available on the market to increase the level of safety in their homes.

His goal is to make the customers’ homes and places of business more secure by supplying highly innovative products such as invisible grills made of the highest quality steel using nanotechnology. This will allow Mspace to accomplish its vision. These grills are undetectable, contributing to the visual appeal of residential and commercial environments. They come with a coating made of melted nylon, and they are approved products originating from Singapore.

Because of his tireless efforts, Mspace invisible grills are becoming increasingly popular not only in the greater Hyderabad area, but also in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Because of his intense interest in learning, he was able to earn a Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering, a Master of Technology degree in Highway Engineering, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the same field. At Gubba Cold Infra Consulting LLP, his efforts were duly acknowledged, and his specialist engineering abilities were instrumental in the successful completion of more than four cold storages in a single year as a result of his efforts.

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