Shiva Kumar Reddy

Shiva Kumar Reddy is a self-motivated and progressive Hyderabad-based entrepreneur. He is currently investing his business development skills in the Interiors business as a director with Mspace. He is amazingly passionate about his work and committed to providing customers with the best possible products and services in the market to make their homes more secure.


At Mspace, his vision is to enhance the safety of the clients’ homes and offices by providing highly-innovative products like invisible grills made of the best quality steel using nanotechnology. These grills are invisible, adding aesthetics to office and home spaces. They come with a melted nylon coating and are certified products from Singapore.

With his dedicated efforts, Mspace invisible grills are popular not just around Hyderabad but also in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. His deep passion for academics led him to acquire a B.Tech in Civil Engineering, an M.Tech in Highway Engineering, as well as a Ph.D. in the same. His efforts were truly recognized at Gubba Cold Infra Consulting LLP, where his expert engineering skills helped him execute more than four cold storages in a single year.