Technical specifications of wall cushions

Decorating the interior of your house is an amazing and an exciting experience. Even though you may be already tired, the thoughts of ‘what can I do next?’ keep popping inside your head. If you’re tired of the same old wall paintings, wallpapers or paint, look at none other than MSpace’s wall cushions. Our exclusive custom- tailored wall cushions are the perfect instruments to add the much-needed romp and roll to your rooms. Take a glance at how we make them for you and how you can use them.

Made using high—quality material. Our wall cushions are a sandwich in-between two layers of high-quality PU leather. The top most layer is PU (polyurethane) leather followed by a PU foam and then sandwiched with another layer of PU leather.

Wide variety to choose from. The top layer of PU leather comes in all textures and colours, whose sheer variety will startle your nerves. But don’t you worry, our team will help you choose and finalize only the colour, texture and design of your choice. We have PU leathers ranging from different textures including matt, shimmer, glossy, etc. Add a little bit of lighting to spruce up the radiance these cushions have to offer.

Extra customizations. While you may easily choose from the different styles we have to offer, to suit your personality, the final product may require additional changes. An outline? Maybe a border? Don’t worry, we got you covered. For those of you who may not prefer uneven corners, we install borders. They come in 4 different varieties and again, can be customized in contrast/accordance to the panels and add the cherry to the cake. Trust us, they will shine right out!

Wherever you want. With due diligence, boring, taint walls are the biggest turn off. We have all been there. Now come to the rescue, wall cushions. The best part about them is the fact that they can be used almost everywhere. Offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, airports, drawing rooms, bedrooms, home theatres, dining rooms, and every other place with a boring wall. Do you want to add sound proofing to your rooms? No problem, bonus feature, all wall cushions dampen the sound on your room by a certain extent.

With a freedom to allow you to customize and portray your identity on your walls, these wall cushions are the perfect instruments to decorate your rooms in today’s time. Apply them, feel them and celebrate them. Tired? No problem, they can easily be swapped with another wall cushion or any other decoration of your choice. They can be easily removed or shifted to another room without any damage to the wall or cushion.

Even without painting or flustering yourselves amongst the many other decorative ideas, you can transform your home into that perfect modern household you dreamt of. Your solution? Wall cushions. They are a distinct rendition of all three design characteristics – colour, texture and feeling.

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