The sturdiest and safest stainless steel grilles by MSPACE

MSPACE is an interior design product company that specializes in stainless steel grilles. These are beautiful and pleasing grilles which do not cause hindrance to the view and also enhance your living space guaranteeing safety. These are called invisible grilles given their seamlessness which barely shows. Stainless steel is a preferred choice for anyone constructing a building given that it is rust proof and easy to maintain. MSPACE used the top quality of 316 grade stainless steel which further vouches for the superior quality of the construction at hand.

Stainless Steel offers multiple choices to buyers in the form of grades, which depicts the quality of stainless steel. And it is of utmost importance that one opts for the right type, depending on the need of a building. That’s why, among the available grades of stainless steel – 302, 304, 316 etc; MSPACE ensures to use 316 marine grade stainless steel only for its invisible grilles, thus making no compromise when it comes to delivering the best in aesthetics and safety to its clients. The stiffeners that play the most crucial role in holding the cables in our invisible grilles together are made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel by LeHome. Extra care is taken by using 7*7 Nano Technology to add to the strength while the cables are moulded together.

The 316 grade stainless steel cable comes with multiple nylon melt coatings on top, which help grilles to be weather-proof, thus cutting down the risk of getting rusted over time. The nylon coatings also make it comfortable to hold on to and ensure safety for everyone, especially children in the house. Talking about the tensile strength, the 2 mm 316 marine grade can support tensile impact up to 400 kg, which is good enough to keep all risks at bay. With over 750 successful projects since its inception, MSPACE, an associate of 8 years old Singapore based LeHomes, has earned its name as an invisible grille manufacturer, and has also been certified by PSB Singapore, SETSCO and UKAS Management Systems, among others. So from now on, whenever you think grilles, think of the widely trusted MSPACE invisible grilles and make your house your dream home. For further information, you can write to or call at +91 9177737865

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MSPACE, has been established in India on January 2018 and since then we have finished 2000+ projects all over India. MSpace deals with invisible grilles, wall cushion and blind engine and many other such luxurious interior products. Our company is true to its name modern space which is well recognized nationally as an imported and integrated solution provider, for our products.

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