Wall cushions and their specifications

Well decorated walls provide far more than a good-looking room, peaceful aura and a colorful patina. They can provide perception and speak volumes about your personality. As time progresses, we are moving ahead from the contemporary era of simple paint patterns, wall papers or metal display pieces to a more modern statement of wall decorations. Adding mirrors, adding sculptural scones, putting up plants, and removable wall art are some of the modern wall decorations these days. However, adding cushioning to your walls is a recent trend that has gained mass popularity. They are a three-dimensional take on the traditional wallpapers and come in various designs, colors and textures.

Although many modern designs are available for purchase and installation, modernity also demands exceptionality. We need products that are not only incredibly beautiful but also long lasting, sturdy, easy to manage, versatile, fire-proof, water proof and affordable at the same time. It can be very frustrating to choose your interior aesthetic with so many options available in the market.

Wall cushions come in different textures that add volume to your room. Notable curves, lines and alluring colours on these cushions narrate a story about you that has never been told before. Due to the huge number of colours/textures, wall cushions work especially well in many numbers of areas.

Be it an office space, a living room, dining area, bed room, play room, balcony or even your bathroom, wall cushions make for a perfect, modern pop of colour. You would be surprised to know that wall cushions are not only an aesthetic addition to your walls but are also a functional solution to many of your worries. Wall cushions lend in massive sound proofing, which means that you can watch all of your movies at a volume you please. You no longer have to worry about disturbing your cranky neighbours. How comforting does that sound?

The wall cushions at Mspace come with an exclusive set of specifications that make our wall cushions perfect for your modern home, school, office, gym, bathroom, theatres, etc. Once installed, you can be rest assured that they will enhance the look of your space undoubtedly and also provide you with many other functional solutions.

Here are a few benefits and specifications of these wall cushions:

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