Zipscreen Solutions

Insect Screen

In search of a good solution to keep your home insects proof. Then MSpace has got you a best option which are our Insect Screens.
You won’t have to worry about getting bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects for a very long time thanks to the fine-quality mesh that our screens are composed of. With these screens, you and your loved ones will be able to relax in the fresh air without having to worry about being bothered by pesky insects because they are custom-made to order and constructed according to the specifications of your house.
This sort of mesh can block up to 55% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation in addition to being effective against insects. Insect mesh also has a higher openness factor, giving you increased ventilation and visibility to the outside world. This is one of the benefits of using insect mesh.


Sun Blinds

Sun BlindsNow you may experience the actual warmth of home, and you can say goodbye to the sunny warmth that was already present within your home.
Installing our aesthetically pleasing Sun Blinds Screens at your front door will prevent the sun’s potentially dangerous rays from causing your property to overheat. Sun blinds are a gentle and aesthetically pleasing solution to stop the sun from entering a room and causing discomfort to the occupants. You are able to keep the decor of the space you are in while still protecting your home from harmful heat and ultraviolet rays with the use of sun blinds.
Solar mesh types can decrease the amount of heat and glare by up to 75% while also preventing insects from entering. Solar mesh is ideal for preventing your carpets, draperies, and furniture from fading while also maintaining a lower temperature in your home.

Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens- Privacy with style and without blocking your line of sight.Our exclusive line of privacy screens are made of ultra-durable fabric, allowing you to maintain the privacy of your home while still enjoying the view outside. These screens give you the privacy you require to enjoy your guests in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. Perfect for throwing a party or selling at a garage sale, and also modifiable to go in with the style of the interior of your home.
Mesh and textiles that provide privacy can block as much as one hundred percent of the view and come in a variety of screen colors as well as mesh or fabric alternatives. These solutions have additionally been awarded certifications from Greenguard, Lead-Free, and Microban.


Rain Protection Screens

Are you too one of the many people who, as the rainy season approaches, becomes increasingly concerned about the furniture in their homes and how to best protect it from becoming ruined by moisture and clutter?
Put up our screens to protect against the rain. be free from heavy rains or water seeping into your home, and maintain your home as close to you as possible and as neat as you have always desired it to be.
Rain Protection screens are the ideal option to take advantage of in the event that it is pouring outside and your patio furniture must remain dry. Enjoy the rainy season without worrying that your outdoor area will be ruined by mould and mildew by keeping your cushions mould and mildew free, protecting your wooden tables from splinters caused by water damage, and keeping your outside space clean.

Ready with the solutions to all your home concerns!