alarm system in invisible grills

The number of skyscrapers keeps increasing with the day. There are high rising buildings, residential constructions, commercial constructions, etc. As the need for more buildings emerges, it also brings with it a major safety concern. All these constructions are always at an impending risk of robbery or intrusion. It then becomes imperative to resort to safe-guarding methods to protect ourselves.

This is the time the importance of invisible grills starts to show. Not only do these grills give you a good view but they are also highly secure. One of the main pros of invisible grills remains the fact that they are more secure than compared to the traditional MS (Mild Steel) Grills.

Not only does MSpace provide a high tensile strength marine grade stainless steel but also provides an exclusive alarm system that comes ‘built-in’ with the fixture of grills. These alarms are installed on a wall close to the fixture. A signal is passed across the entire stretch of the fixture. They remain ‘on’ 24/7 and are very sensitive. They are highly sophisticated and as soon as a connection is cut anywhere in the installation, the signal encompassing the fixture is cut and the alarm starts buzzing. Even if 1 strand out of the 49 strands of the cable are cut, a loud alarm starts buzzing. This loud sound continues to buzz until someone comes and physically turns it off. The sound is so loud that it is audible for until a few blocks near your property. It is also loud enough to scare away the burglars. Considering the increasing crime rates, this revolutionary technology is sure to help keep you and your family safe.

Our Invisible grills are definitely way more advanced and innovative in safety standards. They canprovide you the highest standard of security without compromising on your view or design aesthetic.

MSpace aims to provide the most secure invisible grills for your needs. We use high quality materials that are imported from across the world. We promise you both installation and post sales service so that you can have a happy living. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hence, we at MSpace are always integrating new technologies into our services to provide the best product possible.

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