invisible grills unblock the view

One of the most important reasons for buildings being built to reach the sky is the view. The higher the building, the better the view. In fact, a penthouse/flat can cost you 10 times the actual price just for the view. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Now it is understandable that we all need a good view from our window, balcony or garden. It can be very relaxing to sit in your balcony with your cup of tea or coffee and enjoying a plush view of your city or town. As a matter of fact, a good view from your window/balcony can be one of the most important stress beaters in your already stressful lives. A balcony/garden can be your perfect workout or yoga spot. It can also be a place for your kids to play.

With so many utilizations for these open spaces, it is very important to keep these areas extremely safe due to the increasing crime rates. Not only burglary but buildings in high rises have risks associated with fire evacuation, bird droppings, etc. Now one would be directed to install some kind of a grill into their balconies or windows to keep themselves safe. Installing a grill can definitely keep you safe from burglaries and the people inside the house from accidently slipping over high rises. Although the traditional MS grills provide you safety, their greatest problem remains the obstruction of view. There seems to be no point in paying lakhs/crores of rupees for a building/home for a ‘view’ when ultimately one needs to install a traditional MS grille to keep safe. It is not at all pleasant to be sitting in your balcony with the same cup of coffee/tea and be obstructed with a sight of bulky bars of metal. The whole concept of enjoying a view is diminished.

So, is it possible to enjoy a view in a high-rise construction and also keep safe? Absolutely yes. This is when ‘Invisible Grills’ come into play. They are constructed using high tensile strength steel cables that are sleek and stylish looking. They are just 2mm in diameter and can be installed on your windows or balconies. Them being extremely thin allow for maximum view.

Although the name suggests invisible, we urge you not to go by the name. In matters of safety, these invisible grills are invincible. Their strength is unmatched in terms of safety. In fact, they come with innovative security features like an alarm system, etc. The best part however remains the fact that an invisible grill can make your money count by providing you most importantly, the view that you paid for, maximum security from all, burglars, accidents, bird droppings and fire evacuation. Invisible grills not only reduce the visual bulk but also make your building, balcony and windows all that much better looking.

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