Wall cushions for your home theatre

In the world of technology, we want to get the best of our ultra-high-definition 4k video projector, the 1000-watt speaker system and that comfy recliner chair. While all seems merry, when sound reflects off your walls, your room would sound more like a busy peak time street than a home theatre. If you’ve experienced the shrill echo in your isolated home theatre, you wouldn’t be the first person.

A lot of us experience noise disturbances while watching movies in the form of disturbances from the outside or from your speakers reflecting sound off your walls.

Wall cushions are a cost effective and pristinely attractive method to solve this issue.  They are light weight wall tiles that are made from PU leather and PU foam. You can choose designs and textures of your liking. They are very easy to install and even portray your personalities in different colors and textures. Since they are water-proof, you can also clean them up with soap and water making them very easy to maintain. They are fire-proof and retard any fire accidents. The best part however is the sound proofing property that makes them a best bet in a home theatre. They add the much-needed acoustic wall treatment to the walls of your home theatres. This will result in better sound clarity and an immersive movie watching experience. Multiple researches have proven that everything in your room, including your walls and ceilings effect the way sound travels in your room. Wall cushions add cushioning your walls and the sound gets muffled rather than bouncing back from your wall. Wall cushions also have a good noise reduction co-efficient that ranges between 0.0 to 1.0. A noise reduction co-efficient or NRC is an average rating of how much sound an object can absorb.

How are wall cushions installed?

Wall cushions involve a fairly simple installation process that will be carried out by experienced professionals. An MDF paneling will be done prior to installing wall cushions. MDF paneling with aluminum tracks provides further proofing. Then, this paneling can be covered with gypsum or putty. After that dries, wall cushion tiles can be pasted with silicon glue.

In customized colours, sizes and textures, you can choose wall cushions that suit your personality and the interior of your house. An interesting point is that you can always change your wall cushions at your convenience. Since silicon glue is very easy to mould, it can be easily pulled out with none to minimal damage to your walls. Then, another wall cushion can be replaced.

Once installed, these wall cushions will give that extra oomph to your home theatre in both look and functionality. They create a properly sound proofed atmosphere so that you can watch your films in a newer dimension. They also look extremely classy and elegant.

Considering all the above features, wall cushions are certainly a must-have in your home theatre. They will surely take you home theatre to the next level.

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